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Fighting My Way Back to You

Over the weekend, I made a decision. Screw waiting to “feel better” – I’m just going to go for it. I keep waiting for my knees to not hurt, to feel like they used to…but what if that NEVER happens? What if I always have knee pain from now on? Does that give me a good enough excuse to just not work out? Absolutely not.

I have always struggled with some different forms of pain during my working out years – foot pain, knee pain (of a different sort), back/neck pain…I’ve been through a lot of different scenarios – but I never let it stop me from working out. I realize this weekend that I may never be the same person I was pre-pregnancy again – my body will forever be different because having a child changes you. And instead of mourning that loss of who I was before, I have to start getting to know this new person. The new Dre. And if that means starting at square one again and building my way back toward regular exercise, then so be it. Rome wasn’t built in a day, folks.

And despite having some new types of pain and limitations – I can still work out. It just may look and feel different than it did before. I think a big part of this process was just not wanting to accept that I needed to start over, and what that would feel like. Being totally out of shape was something I could fortunately say I hadn’t experienced in awhile. Despite still having weight to lose before I got pregnant, I still considered myself to be more on the in shape side of things. I had great endurance and strength and I felt like my energy level was in a good place. When I got blood work done and my metabolism tested – everything pointed in a good direction.

But after almost a year of just being out of synch with that part of myself, it just felt like a long journey to start again. And I think that first step was the hardest one for me to take. But I decided to just jump back in and see how things went. So last night, I re-entered our make shift work out room, dug out one of my turbo instructor dvds and pressed play. I determined I would do 30 minutes of turbo and just modify it to avoid the jumping/high impact stuff as I knew my knees wouldn’t like that.

My joints screamed a little as I did my double bob and jab knees. My hamstrings screeched a little during those front and back push kicks. My shoulders and arms complained about the 4 crosses and triples to the left. But, man – my heart sang. It felt good to lose myself a little bit – or maybe it felt good to FIND my old self again. To put back on her shoes, to listen to her music – I found myself signaling the imaginary participants behind me to punch right. I found myself smiling as my heart rate climbed, and even though I couldn’t jump, I could still reach high and practice good form. It felt good, even if I felt different.

My workout was bittersweet. I was pleased with myself in just following through, and being able to do 30 minutes without stopping. But it was hard because I know that the old me would have had a lot more pep in her step and would have been able to do more. I know I’m on the way back to that part of myself, and I realize that it’s not going to look or feel the same for me in a lot of ways. But not trying isn’t an option. That is not a good enough excuse.

Becoming a parent involves a lot of sacrifices, but it also means that you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of someone else. And I won’t let myself forget that.

I’m setting small goals for myself – 30 minutes of cardio 3x a week. I plan to do it after Daxton goes to bed around 8. I can carve out 30 minutes of my day three times a week. And maybe 30 minutes a week will turn into more, or maybe 3x a week will turn into everyday. Who knows, I just know that life is going to go on whether I participate or not, so it’s time to take matters into my own hands and try to figure out who this new version of me will be.

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View from the Middle of the Week

The days have been flying by it seems – so much to do at work, trying to keep up with email, projects – events. It feels like a whirlwind sometimes. My 11am appointment canceled, so I thought I’d take a quick moment to post here. I know I’ve become slack on posting regularly – but once the hectic schedule starts feeling normal again, I’ll find time. Just a little adjustment period!

They always have a mind of their own.

So I’m happy to report that I went for my walk on Monday as scheduled – even got the hubby to go with me despite him not feeling very well. I felt a little guilty because we just went and didn’t take the dogs – but sometimes they make going for a walk so very complicated and it becomes this huge production of barking, jumping, clawing and tripping over leases. Sometimes I just want to go for my walk. I know that probably sounds selfish – but if walking is going to be my “work out” a few times a week, then I have to have the perspective of – “Would I bring Yoshi & Peach to turbokick with me?” Nope. Okay, I’m feeling better already.

Yesterday, I taught TurobKick – and my leg actually felt better this time around! I broke it down into sections and did some individual exercises outside of the cardio – so doing some shoulder work, standing abs, squat series. I think that helped me not burn out my leg in the first 30 minutes. I’ll take it!

Today I brought my work out clothes and I’ve decided I have a date with The Ellen Degeneres Show on the treadmill at 5pm. Okay it will be more like 5:15 because I have to walk to the gym and change, etc. But I feel like I don’t really watch any “real tv” anymore since we cut our cable, so it’s a bit of a treat to watch the talk show and I find the commercials aren’t annoying because I haven’t seen them a million times already. Funny how that works. I am growing tired of seeing the same political ads and food ads on my Hulu account though. Apparently my dog Peach has started to enjoy TV. It all started with the Pedigree commercials that run on Hulu about “being a dog family.” For some reason, anytime this commercial comes on, she rouses herself from slumber to sit up and watch the TV. So now we’ve taken to telling her her favorite commercial is on and we get a kick out of watching her watch the screen with what LOOKS like rapt attention. I guess we’ll never know. 🙂 But since I’m tired of the actual commercials – watching her is more fun anyway.

I’m hoping the weather will hold out for me to ride with the road bike crew on Saturday morning, and the hubby and I are contemplating a hike on Sunday. He has Monday off for Labor Day – my place of employment takes the holiday literally (meaning I have to labor on Labor Day). But apparently my husband plans on being super productive with his day off so that we can enjoy a hike or something non-chore related on Sunday. So sweet, right? I’ll never complain about not having to do chores. I remember in college I would literally climb into bed with all my text books and note books and binders still on the bed. I just didn’t want to clean it up. I didn’t want to make my bed, or put away my clothes. It was pretty terrible. I’m a slightly less messy version of my college self now (almost a decade later) – but I owe that to the “Fear of things being eaten by dogs” motto I’ve adopted over the last 3 years.  Sometimes I seriously wish I had a magic wand to just clean things up. Mop the floors, vacuum the rugs, sweep the floors. Scrub the toilet. Ugh. I hate chores!

Lastly, it’s my other niece’s birthday this weekend, and she is having her party at the gymnastic place. I’m sort of hoping I can jump into the foam pit or try my hand at the bars and balance beams. I never did gymnastics as a child (I was way too chubby), and even though I’m still kinda chubby, I like to think I’m now “athletic” instead. Plus, I have perfected my cartwheel in my adult years somehow (thank you Capoeria training – check out the cool video if you’ve never heard of it  before!) and I’m pretty sure someone will be impressed if I get a little floor time. Seriously though, I was so not anywhere NEAR these guys in the video – but some of the people I practiced with were amazing and I did some pretty cool stuff while training.

Alright, hope everyone is having a good week so far! 2 more Days of Work – we got this!

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The “because I haven’t posted in awhile” random update

Okay, so it’s been a few minutes days since my last post – my apologies. Life has been a little overwhelming over the last few weeks. As in, I’m a professional slacker by nature and all of a sudden everything I had put off doing all summer was due! On the other hand, it’s amazing how much I can accomplish in so little time. A little proud of that fact, not going to lie.

So today is first day of classes, and tomorrow is the big event/party I am in charge of for our office and I’m praying every since hour that it doesn’t rain since it’s an outdoor event. A tiny bit stressed about it since we’ve had SO MUCH RAIN that I’m seriously pouring water out of our deck plants every other day. How can we have so much rain here when the Midwest is in a seriously scary drought? Life just isn’t fair.

Chillin on the fire truck!

Our neighborhood had our first block party this weekend and it was a major success! Some of my neighbors were on the committee who planned it and we were all a bit nervous that it would be the usual crew who showed up and that would make for the most expensive hang out ever. But luckily, LOTS of people came out and we had a chance to meet other folks who live in the ‘hood and we realized that there are like 600000000 children in our neighborhood. Note to self: more kid’s activities for next year, right? We had a DJ and the fire truck even came out and the kids (and I) loved it (<— obviously).

But it was a long, hot day – and I’ll admit that I cheated a bit and had a cupcake and pizza. No worries – I learned my lesson because it made me super sick. As much as fresh pizza is yummy going down, it’s just not worth how it makes me feel later on. This week – I’m back to my Primal eating ways and it’s definitely not so bad.

On this week’s menu:

Hot Italian Sausage Meatballs with a squash/onion medley
Shrimp Fra Diavolo – sans pasta of course.
A fresh grilled chicken salad with tons of veggies!
Pulled pork with okra (no bun)

So really, I can’t complain as the food we’ve been eating has been super yummy. It’s weird not counting calories – if I’m feeling like I need more control, checking in on my carb intake has been a better option for me. But the longer we do this, the more natural it seems. That feels like progress.

I’ve really been digging on full fat plain Greek yogurt with a splash of local honey to sweeten it. It’s so rich and creamy, you don’t need much of it to get your fix. It’s a great way to sneak in some extra protein, healthy fats and at least the sugar is coming from a natural place.

Some of my biggest struggles are getting used to regular sugar in my coffee vs. something like Splenda or Equal. I realize now just how EXTRA sweet those artificial sweeteners are and how my taste buds have  been robbed of their natural senses over the year. I long for the day that a tsp of regular sugar is enough for me. In the same vein of thought – I DO recognize how sweet some foods are now. Like when I cheated on Saturday and had a cupcake – I literally felt like sugar was coursing through my veins. While it was tasty, I didn’t love that  feeling.

This is basically what I go through every time I try a pull up.

Last week, I pulled/strained something in my left leg during my TurboKick class. 😦 I’ve been stretching, trying to walk it out and avoid high impact sorts of stuff, but man – it still hurts. Not like just walking from my building to another building, but on my longer walks it starts hurting about 5 minutes in. *sigh* Tonight is my first TurboKick class of our new semester, so I really wanted to be high energy and amazing – so I’m hoping my leg holds out for ONCE a week high impact exercises. I’m considering bartering with the exercise gods because I don’t want any newcomers to think my class is lame! My goal is to walk 45 minutes 5 days a week, do turbo 1-2 times per week (my class and I’m hoping to be able to go to my friends’ class as well because it’s nice to go to Turbo and not teach it sometimes!), and of course, I’m still doing my LHT (lift heavy things) work out 2x a week. But that really takes about 20 minutes of my day – so it’s not terrible.

What IS terrible is my attempt at doing a pull up. I even bought some big resistance bands to help me out and I’m still unable to even do 1 assisted pull ups with the band. Why are they so hard!!! I guess I just have to keep trying and maybe one day (like after I die and go to Heaven and all things are possible) I’ll be able to do one. Insert my annoyed face…HERE!

Okay – this is such a random and rambling post today – which is basically how I’m feeling lately, so maybe it’s not so terrible. I promise to be better with my updates soon and have some HELPFUL content rather than just updating you on my rather boring life!



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Weekend Mashup

Okay – it’s been a few days. During the summer we work half day Friday’s and every other Friday I have this huge project that has to be finished before I head out, so I didn’t get my normal lunch break time to catch up on blogs, write a post, etc. So I’ll do my typical “Results Friday” and “Weekend Review” all in one today and then hopefully I’ll be back on track!

So…I finished up my EIGHTH week on TURBOfire this weekend. Sort of hard to believe. I took my 60 day check in pictures over the weekend, and as I was examining them closely last night – I could see some changes in the shape of my body from Day 1 to Day 60. I haven’t seen a huge decrease in pounds this month. I know I had a few out of control weekends with my birthday and a few other celebrations this month – so my goal for month 3 is to really focus in on the food part of my life in addition to keeping up my workouts. I’m going to count my weight/measurements from this Friday’s results because I’m continually reminded of how I’m an idiot and scheduled my results weeks during the week that most women experience intense fluctuation in their weight. Oh the fun! BUT, on Friday i was only 1 pound heavier than my lowest weight so far on the program…so I think that is good news for my “official results” this week.

Today’s YAY moment: Today my chiropractor told me I was shrinking. So that made me feel like I’m still on track with people around me noticing changes. I also saw a friend I hadn’t seen in several months over the weekend and she commented on my “changes” as well. So double yay!

The Weekend

Seriously yummy.

As for my weekend – I was planning on some pool time with some friends on Friday, but it didn’t work out (as in, I was in my bathing suit already but it didn’t work out) so I decided to pretend my yard was a pool and I sat on my deck, put on sunscreen and read a book. I also fixed myself a White Trash Sangria (my new easy fav) and turned on some music. It wasn’t QUITE the same, but it was a nice relaxing afternoon. When hubs got home, we went for dinner to our favorite Mexican Restaurant – Taqueria Mexico. It’s seriously delicious, cheap, and the staff there are so friendly. We have gone enough times that when we arrive the waitresses know what I want to drink. Fortunately for our waistlines, we don’t go anywhere close to as often as we used to go – it’s definitely your splurge meal, but so worth it. I will probably do a more legit/full review of this place soon if you want to know more. But it’s totally worth a check out if you are a local!

We came back home and enjoyed a drink on the deck, but I was really good and just had a glass of white wine (as opposed to a whole bottle!). The hubs works on Saturdays so I got up and made the workout happen (last one of the week – woot woot!) and went to a baby baptism for a friend. I had never been to one before, so that was an interesting experience. Of course we had a reception afterward, so I had some homemade lasagna and a piece of cake. Double bad! But I had only had a granola bar for breakfast and I did my workout already – so it could have been worse I suppose.

I decided to do our grocery shopping on Saturday solo so that we could fast forward through cooking our meals for the week as we wanted Sunday to be our fun day. This week’s meals include:

Summer Squash Lasagna (Tried it today, will post about it later this week if you want to make it!)
Easy Sandwich + lite Caesar Salad
Shrimp & Black Bean Salad (haven’t tried it yet, I will let you know!)
Grilled Pork Tenderloin, Rice & Squash

So I think the menu sounds pretty appetizing this week. We had neighbors over for an impromptu cook-out – and had a blast. I can’t say this enough – I love my neighbors. They’ve turned into a little bit of extended family and I really love knowing that if I needed something or just needed a friend I could go knock on their door and be welcomed.

Sunday was the MOST fun though. We went to the Light Rail Restaurant for breakfast with our neighbors before we headed out to Carowinds (local themepark) for the day. Again, if you are local, you should check it out. It looks and sounds like a weird place – but breakfast all day long and it’s simple, cheap, and yummy.  Afterwards we headed out to the park (we got season passes this year and I want to go 4-5 times to really get monies worth) where we spent most the day at the water park and had a blast. I always forget how much I love water slides – they just make you feel like a kid again. We went on a couple of roller coasters and my throat still sort of hurts today from the amount of screaming AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS I did on the Intimidator. Seriously – even if you just watch the first 30 seconds of this video you will see why I almost died this weekend. The drop was UNBELIEVABLE.

I had a great weekend, and finally got my day off from working out yesterday. Back on track today and looking forward to starting MONTH THREE of my summer push series. What’s on your agenda for the week?




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Keep Going

I am not sure if I’ve posted this picture before – but I have it on my Fitness/Motivation Board on Pinterest. It’s ringing true for me right now as I am coming up on my 8 weeks of my Summer Push Series (TurboFIRE).

 It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing…

Last month, after 4 weeks of this challenge I started noticing some differences in my body and how I was feeling. But i’m not really sure anyone else saw any noticeable changes. But I’d be sitting at my desk and move to grab something and I could feel a muscle in my tricep that I don’t remember having before. I mean – I’m sure i HAD it, but it wasn’t developed. Certain things from my closet were fitting again without a struggle. My rings were fitting better. Little things, my  friends. But things that were probably only noticeable to me.

It takes 8 weeks for friends and family to notice

This weekend has me completing my 8th week, and this morning as I was walking into work I ran into someone who works in my building (and I see on a regular basis). We were walking from the parking lot to the office together and she says, “Dre you are looking good – have you lost some weight?” BOOM. Right on time – 8 weeks and someone else has just voiced that I look like i’m making progress. I told her I was certainly trying to lose weight and said thank you. Although it was just a minor comment, it really affirmed for me that what I’ve been slaying myself over the last 2 months is actually producing results. Sure, I may not be seeing drastic changes on the scale (which I really DO want to see!), but my body is just changing. My legs feel more muscular, my arms are toning up. And if i’m not mistaken, I think i might be developing some abs muscles because in my core workouts lately – I’ve been able to do MORE than I could before. That means I’m getting stronger.

It takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice

On Monday I’ll start the final phase of TurboFire (even though it does have options to continue it for longer which I may decide to do!) – and I’m curious what I’ll have to say at the end of 12 weeks. I’m curious to see what my pictures will look like from day 1 to day 90. Right now, I’m fearful that I haven’t been working hard enough. That I’ve made too many poor choices on the weekend to really see the changes I’d like to see as a result of my working out efforts. I still am struggling to find the will power to stay on track 7 days a week. It just doesn’t seem possible…and maybe that’s okay. I don’t know – I’m still figuring it out.

So I guess as I start out these last 4 weeks of this program – I’m still on the hunt for answers. Still working hard to meet my goals, and I’m unbelievable proud of myself for committing to this for 60 days so far and not cheating myself of the workouts, even when it’s not what I always want to be doing. I am looking forward to the changes and impact the next 30 days will have on my mind and body and I’m already thinking about what’s next on the horizon (I’ve been researching lately about the Paleo Diet (which really isn’t much of a diet, more of a way of eating/lifestyle choice) and I’m wondering if it’s time to really overhaul my food choices and get rid of as many processed foods as possible – I’m sure I’ll blog about it soon!).

But for now, I’m going to:

Keep Going.

Because the only way to see results and learn – is to actually keep moving forward. One step at a time. One day at a time. One meal, one workout…one sweat droplet at a time.


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Meet Positive Polly (the sadly under-represented sister of Negative Nancy)

I was wondering to myself as I walked back from my last presentation to my office, is there a name for someone who is always positive? We have a name for people who are constantly negative, as in “Well aren’t you Negative Nancy, today?”

So I started thinking about it and I can’t remember anyone ever saying to someone else, “well aren’t you Miss Happy Holly today?” or “That’s awesome to think that way, Optimistic Opal” or (my personal fav) “Look at you, Positive Polly!”

If there is such a nickname, perhaps it’s sad that I’ve never heard anyone use it. And that made me think more about how negative we are toward each other and ourselves. How often do we judge other people and even more so – how much do we tear ourselves down? I agree with that saying about being our own worst enemy….I can apply that to myself on many different levels. And it’s easy to always see the down side of things instead of focusing on the good stuff.

Doesn’t this make you want to work out? 🙂 Having fun at Turbo training!

When I first started getting into fitness and living a healthier lifestyle, I found my niche in group exercise. And I wasn’t really sure why things clicked or why I kept going back. I didn’t understand why I felt the pull to become an exercise instructor or to be a beachbody coach. But looking back – I realize I was drawn to group exercise because the people who I went with were uplifting. They enjoyed working out and had fun while they were doing it and I wanted to feel that way. More so, I wanted to help others feel that way, too. I know myself well enough to know I am immensely more motivated to stay on track if I’m in charge of inspiring others along the way. Helping you, helps me – bottom line.

And even though I’m not 100% fit or the perfect role model for healthy living – being around people who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle is empowering to me. It makes me feel excited to be on this journey. It shows me that being fit isn’t about living this boring, rigid lifestyle. It’s about balance and self-control. You can still have a life, but you have to balance it out each and every day. Being exposed to “real people” who are excited about being active, are real about making good food choices but also allow themselves to indulge every once in awhile – has just helped me so much. I see them doing it and I know I can be one of those people. In a lot of ways, I feel like I AM becoming one of those people already.

Being around HAPPY people makes you feel happier. Being around NEGATIVE people makes you feel more negative. Simple, but true.

I have definitely been through phases in my life where I identified with the negative crowd – where there is always an issue, always something to gripe about, etc. I don’t remember that time in my life being all sparkles and rainbows.I remember feeling negative about myself, judgmental of other people and just sort of blah!

Working out with a group doesn’t always have to be at the gym! This is my Warrior Dash Crew!

In order to keep myself motivated and in order to (hopefully) inspire other people to make better decisions about their lifestyle (in terms of being healthier) – it makes sense to want to align myself with Happy Holly’s, Optimistic Opals, and Positive Polly’s. And just for kicks let’s add Hopeful Henry (I need some diversity after all). There are some things in life you do NOT have control over….but who you spend your time with and how you treat yourself is definitely not on that list. You absolutely have control over this part of your life.

Sometimes making healthy decisions isn’t always about what to make for dinner or what workout to do – it’s about making life choices that put you on the right track. Don’t forget to find friends who have the same healthy goals as you do – it will make this journey a LOT easier and maybe you’ll even feel a bit more like sparkles and rainbows, too.


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One hour: What’s it worth?

Question of the Day: One hour – is it worth it?

My story:

I asked myself this question as I was brushing my teeth this morning. I still had that foggy feeling when you first wake up, you can’t really see yourself all that clearly and when you walk you feel a little off balance. It was just super early. I had already changed into my work out clothes and had this big thought: Wait, this is my recovery week! Shouldn’t I just replace my AM workout with my Turbo class tonight?The morning routine called for 45 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of stretch…so that is basically what I do in my evening TurboKick class.

I thought about how awesome it would be to just go back to bed. Snuggle into my pillow and pull the covers up and enjoy one delicious hour of SNOOZE.

Then I thought about that one hour. Would sleeping in for ONE more hour really make me feel all that much better? Or would I feel guilty for skipping my workout for an hour of sleep?

Or if I did go ahead and work out as scheduled this morning, would it make me feel better? Better than an hour of sleep?

This was a lot of thought happening in my foggy brain at 5:30am. I decided working out was more in line with my long term goals. Short term, I would have loved an extra hour of sleep. But my long term goal is to lose weight and be fit. This week is my 2nd month result week – and if I want to see true change by the end of this THREE month program – I have to put in the extra time and effort to make it happen.

Bringing it Home

Too often we are shortsighted when it comes to our decision making. We go for the instant gratification option instead of holding steady for that long term goal. I am definitely guilty of making these decisions as well – but I’m glad to say this morning I found the inner motivation to see beyond an extra hour of sleep. For me, it goes back to my priority statement that I wrote out on November 2011:

My number one priority is being 100% present in mind, body, and spirit for my family, friends, AND myself. I want my mind to be goal oriented and calm. I want my body to be strong and healthy so I can be around for a long time and enjoy every day of my life. I want my spirit to feel nourished and whole so that I can have a strong relationship with God and be a good role model for my family and friends. I want to always remember that being there for other people is a crucial part of who I am, but I can be more helpful and supportive when I am also taking care of myself. I want to achieve the best version of myself.

As I was debating on what I really wanted to do this morning, I remembered my priorities should be about improving myself every day. Sometimes that will be through exercise and healthy eating, sometimes that might be through prayer, sometimes it may be about spending time with a friend or family member. But if I want to really see my body be strong and healthy so I can life a long and awesome life – I have to put in the time right now. And an hour of my day – it’s really not that big of a deal.

Someone asked me where I find the motivation to keep up with my workouts on a day-to-day basis. And I’ll tell you this – you end up believing whatever you tell yourself. For better or worse – this is the truth.

So when I tell myself: “Dre you are so tired and going back to bed is really going to be the best thing”….chances are, I’ll believe that and go back to bed. But when I visualize my goals (remember your visual mantra!) & recall my priority statement – it gives me the ability to also tell myself “Dre, you promised yourself to do what it takes to be the best version of you.” And then I can make the decision on what would be best for me. And you have to look beyond that tiny little moment in time and think BIG PICTURE. Of course you are tired, of course you could be doing something else more fun – but in the grand scheme of things, what is it that will help you stay on track with your goals?

And having those goals in my mind, literally seeing them floating around in my head is what keeps me going. Do I have days where I don’t feel like working out? Absolutely. But 9 times out of 10 when I feel that way, about 5-10 minutes into my workout, I’ve forgotten that I didn’t feel like starting in the first place.

And once that hour is over – I feel like I’ve been productive with my time. And I can move on with my day knowing that I started out the day making a GOOD decision that is line with my long term goals.

So if you are struggling to find motivation for making good choices – I would encourage you to actually spend some time writing out your goals. Write your own priority statement. Post it somewhere you’ll see it often (I have mine hung up at my desk at work) so when you are feeling weak and tired or just plain lazy – you can recall why you are doing this in the first place.

I promise you – You are worth it! Invest quality time in…YOU.


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