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Bulletproof Coffee Review

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I started with a new breakfast approach. I am doing Bulletproof Coffee in the morning. If you haven’t heard about it by now – what rock are you living under? No, I kid. I hadn’t heard of it either until my neighbors enlightened me prior to Thanksgiving. So, I did a little internet research, scouted out thoughts and feelings about it on Facebook – and then ordered some to try it out. I figured a few days of doing anything wasn’t really a great review – so now that i’ve been doing it fairly consistently for a few weeks, it’s time to give you my opinion.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

bulletproof coffee, upgraded coffee

Bulletproof Coffee Kit I ordered to get me started

Well, Dave Asprey explains it way better on his website, but the basic description would be a really, really, clean cup of coffee. Superior coffee beans that get rid of all those hidden toxins most coffee has when you make it. So, for coffee snobs – this is a good cup of joe. And it’s pricey, too (12 oz for 18.95), so I definitely was hoping I liked it (A LOT). My previous “good coffee” buying experience was more like $12-13 per POUND so this Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee was a stretch for me. But I liked the idea behind it, and I can appreciate special beans, special processing to offer a better, healthier coffee obviously cost more than other typical methods.

So..the coffee beans are just one piece of Bulletproof Coffee. The make it Bulletproof – you need his coffee beans, pasture fed butter and MCT oil. Say, what? I know – it’s weird. I saw a few friends post about putting butter in their coffee and I gagged a bit in my mouthpiece before I did a bit of research. And when I tried it – I have to say: butter is good. I do recommend high quality butter – and pasture fed is best. It’s crazy, I’ve never really spent a lot of money on high quality butter, we usually just get whatever is cheapest. But when I use this pasture fed butter (I buy unsalted Kerrygold), the texture is so different from other butter I’ve used. You can really SEE the difference.

MCT oil is “derived from palm and coconut oil, medium chain triglyceride oil delivers hours of sustained energy (because Upgraded MCT Oil defies storage as body fat). The human brain loves MCT–studies show MCT improves memory and cognition.” (source – Dave Asprey). The idea is to give your body lots of HEALTHY fat, and stop loading up on carbs to fill you up.

So you make your coffee, blend in butter and MCT oil and you get a frothy coffee that tastes really darn good. No need for creamer, although I admit that I put a packet of stevia in mine because I lean toward the sweet side.

Why should you drink Bulletproof Coffee?

Well, I’m not making any money off telling people to buy expensive coffee, fancy pants butter, or medium chain trigylceride oil. But I will say, for someone who has been a breakfast eater for several years and someone who wakes up HUNGRY, this coffee is a good breakfast. I won’t say that it fills me up until lunch time as some people have told me. But compared to a normal cup of coffee that I would drink alongside a normal breakfast? Yah, it makes those hunger pains go away for a few hours until its time for my morning snack. As PART of a primal (or paleo) diet, it’s a great option for breakfast on the go. Believe me, I’d love to have a giant veggie and meat omelet every morning before work, but with an almost 8 month old and still trying to manage getting to work on time and breastfeeding…I just don’t have time. So the Bulletproof Coffee is a great way to get in healthy fats and it gives me great energy.

I want to talk a bit more about the energy part. I am by no means a morning person. Since I had a baby – I have no choice. I am up around 6am everyday – sometimes earlier, and sometimes 6am is the second time I wake up (or third). So like it or not, I am UP in the mornings. Since I’ve started doing the Bulletproof Coffee – I have noticed a lot of energy in the mornings. I’m just..AWAKE by the time I get to work (I drink my coffee in the car on the way to daycare). I have a noticeable “pep in my step” as I walk into work now. And that is weird for me. But, it’s good! I like a breakfast that fills me up, doesn’t take much time and gives me good energy to help me through the morning at work.


So – in the end, I’ve been pleased with my new breakfast experience. It’s been hard being 100% consistent due to Holiday parties, holiday travel and weekends. But during the normal week – I make my coffee every morning. The first two weeks I did Bulletproof coffee alongside a primal diet – I lost 6 pounds. Then Thanksgiving happened (and 4 turkey day meals in 3 days) and I gained a few of those pounds back. Stupid holiday treats that I just can’t say no to! So I’ll be weighing in again this Friday to see how another week back on plan has done. Hopefully, I’ll be back down to that 6 pounds lost and I can keep moving forward despite Christmas and the New Year. I will say that after eating holiday meals and indulging in my old “wheat/grain filled ways” I am overly full and majorly tired. I end up feeling pretty bad after those meals – so I don’t know why I can’t conquer those cravings once and for all. I feel SO much better when I’m eating primal, but it’s hard to break those wheat/grain eating habits of 30 years. If only everyone around me would just eat the same way – my life would be easier. 🙂 A big goal for me in 2014 will be to move past “eating as a habit” and hopefully I can move toward eating as fuel to do the things I want to do.


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Meal Planning – You can do this!

I’m proud to say that despite having a new baby in the house, my hubby and I have maintained our “make meals for the week in advance” schedule. We usually hit up the grocery as a family on Saturday or Sunday morning with our list in hand. We prepare lunches for both of us for 4 days and get ingredients for dinners as well for 4 nights. We also plan out what we’ll eat for  breakfast and make sure to have that prepped and ready, too.

If you are having trouble staying on track with whatever health goal you have and you AREN’T pre-planning your meals – my advice would be to start now! Even if your excuse is that your schedule is too hectic – I would argue that taking a few minutes to pre-select your meals, hit the grocery store ONCE and get all the goods and spending a few hours in the kitchen one day a week would help you have MORE time during the week. I can’t believe how much time I used to spend deciding what to eat on the day of before work. I would open my fridge and stare at the contents, look in the panty for any sign of something decent…and then struggle to think of anything  I could put together with what I had already. This often ended in frustration and I would just get something “out” which was typically unhealthy and more expensive than bringing food from home.

We have been doing this “meals in advance” thing for almost 4 years and we have definitely seen savings in terms of calories and dollars. And of course, time. If you aren’t a chef in the kitchen – there are so many resources for quick and easy meals available on the internet. Your meals don’t have to be gourmet!

Have I convinced you yet?

To get started you have to follow some rules:

1) Pre-select the meals. Check out some websites (eatingwell.com & cookinglight.com are 2 of my favs, as well as paleomg.com if you are looking for wheat free ideas) and select FOUR meals to make. You’ll pick 2 lunch style options and 2 dinner options.

  • You’ll be eating each meal twice which helps with the excuse of not wanting to buy a meal for just one person – because you’ll always be eating it twice. OR I guess if you don’t mind repetition – you could just pick 2 meals and eat them all 4 times instead (this would only work if you are doing this solo though)!
  • We give ourselves one lunch out and one dinner out each week so that we can still be social or attend work events that are over lunch/dinner, etc.
  • Make sure you consider your circumstances for lunch – do you have a fridge at work, a microwave? Toaster oven? Pick meals that will be easy to eat at work.

2) Make a LIST with all the ingredients you’ll need from each recipe BEFORE you set foot in the grocery store. Pick recipes that use the same ingredients to save even more money. So say you are going to make steak tacos and want to do a home made pizza – you could use the same cheese and vegetables for both. See?


4) Pick a day, afternoon, night, morning (whatever) to prepare your meals. We always make our lunches in advance and put them in 1 serving containers so in the morning it’s a quick grab and go before work. Over the past year we’ve gone back and forth between making dinners in advance and waiting till the night of to make the dinner. It all depends on your schedule. But knowing what you are going to have for dinner and already having all the ingredients will save you tons of time and energy night of!

  • One thing we’ll do is do any prep work that might need to happen for dinner in advance. I’ll use the taco example again (we love tacos) – you could do that as a dinner but you could make the taco meat/veggies in advance so you just have to heat it up and crisp up the taco shells. Throw some beans on the side and you’ve got a meal.

Pyrex Storage Set from Amazon $25

One thing that really helps with this approach is to invest in some decent containers to store your portioned lunches/dinners. We use glass pyrex containers and we have a variety of sizes (small and large rectangles, different sizes of bowls, etc). Make sure whatever you get has lids that seal effectively to keep your food yummy.

The bottom line is that everyone is busy – but scheduling in time to eat healthy (or just to eat within a budget) is do-able. If we can do it in a family where we both work full time and have a new baby, you can do it, too! Start small – maybe just prepare lunches in advance and see how it goes!

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You Can’t Finish Without Starting


Yesterday was my first day “back on the wagon” so to speak. I always feel more committed to sticking to my goals when I share it on this blogspace. So for what it’s worth, and to whoever may be reading this blog – thank you for helping me stay honest.

So, as I mentioned, my hubby and I are trying to get pack to more paleo/primal eating – so this week our meals are pretty on track! Here’s the run down:

Quick Chicken Enchiladas (with corn tortillas) from Cooking LightBeef Hamburgers with beans (no bun)

Chicken Caesar Salad

So I had the hamburger and salad yesterday. I also made what is quickly becoming my signature breakfast dish and it was great once again. For 2 easy recipes – check out my old post about it over on my recipe blog. The great thing about both of them is that you can change up the ingredients to make it match what you like best! I don’t really follow a specific recipe anymore…and I feel like this is one of the few times in my life I am actually “cheffing it up” as my hubby would say!

For snacks, I indulged in some cashews, a small piece of 90% dark chocolate and greek yogurt. All pretty decent snacks in my opinion! And you know what? I was full and the food was good yesterday. I can do this! I still find myself looking to munch on processed crap – it will take a few weeks for those ridiculous cravings to go away, I know. Isn’t it terrible the bad habits we pick up and how food becomes an addiction that you have to kick?

While I wasn’t able to do much in terms of being active yesterday – I bet I burned a ton of calories breastfeeding since my little one had his 2 month shots and wanted nothing other than to eat and sleep in my arms all day long. I guess I can’t complain – I know that before too long he will be running around, uninterested in falling asleep in my arms. Savoring these moments while I can!

So, I could do it for one day, I can do it for another. The lesson here is that you can’t be successful at something unless you actually attempt it. What is stopping you from starting?

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Food for Thought & what was I Thinking?!

I mentioned a few posts back about my brainstorming for the next BIG THING I want to do. A lot of my plans usually revolve around new work outs, races, or funny physical obstacle challenges like the Urban Assault & Warrior Dash. But if you haven’t gotten this memo, it’s a good thing you are here today:  the biggest predictor to whether your journey to become more fit and healthy is successful? What you are eating.

Diet (and I don’t mean cutting calories or counting calories or whatever when i say this word – I literally mean the food you are putting in your mouth) plays a HUGE role in meeting your health goals. Of course, you can’t build muscles if you aren’t working out – but if your goal is to get some extra pounds off, you really should spend more time thinking about your diet in general. What types of food are you eating? How big are your portions? What variety of food are you eating?

I’ve known this fact for awhile now. It’s not new information for most of us, but if you are like me – sometimes I would rather work out than to change how I eat. Growing up on a “fast food diet” – it’s been a real challenge for me to improve my eating behaviors. At one point in my life – it was perfectly normal to eat out for dinner 3 or 4 times a week. My husband has been a huge help as I’ve tried to put on the STOP SUCKING AT EATING HEALTHY saddle over the last few years and we do a LOT of making our own meals and eating at home now. Continue reading


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Lunch @ Work: Quick & Easy Tex Mex Rice Bowl

Yummy Lunch for Work

So many of us fall into a rut of eating out during the work week. But why eat out when you can make delicious lunch meals that are healthy and easy to make over the weekend? Today, I’m having a Tex Mex Rice Bowl – and this was seriously simple even for a no frills cook like myself.

We got the recipe from our fav cooking magazine: Cooking Light.  If you are interested in the recipe, you can check it out here. We changed up a few things because we are cool like that….

Basically – we doubled everything except the rice because we tend to eat our biggest meal of the day at lunch so we  can power through our evening workouts. So if you want to double it up, we just got 1lb of ground sirloin, a full can of corn, 1 can of black beans, 1 can of pinto beans, and we used an entire pack of our favorite taco seasoning and kept the rice to the recipe suggestion. Top it off with jalapenos and salsa – yum! This literally took us about 15 minutes to make yesterday. Just cook the sirloin while you are making the instant rice and then you basically dump all the other ingredients in there and warm it up.

So now we have enough for 4 meals – we both will eat this lunch twice this week as per our usual plan! You can cook ahead of time and warm in the microwave at work in just a few minutes. Bring the salsa on the side so it’s nice a fresh.

You’ll have others in the office asking you what you brought for lunch when you make this – because it smells amazing! And if you aren’t a sirloin kind of person, you can EASILY switch the meat out for turkey, chicken, pork or tofu. Such a simple recipe – enjoy!


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Quick Meal Inspirations


Quick French Onion Soup

Okay so this is a healthier version of one of my fav soups – French Onion. Usually soups take forever it seems, but this recipe is from eatingwell.com and it takes about 30 minutes. It was super filling and the gruyere cheese made it feel like the real thing.  We served it with a little mini sandwich – some lean deli ham and a piece of reduced fat swiss cheeese toasted up on Arnold brand Sandwich Thins. They are only 100 calories and are 100% whole wheat with flax and fiber. But they don’t taste as healthy as they sound 🙂

Check out the recipe by clicking on the picture!

Next up is a quick breakfast scramble I made this past weekend. No official recipe but here’s what I used (which is a reflection of what was left in my fridge from the week!)

3 Eggs
1/2 green pepper
1/4 cup red onion
1/4 c 2% shredded cheese (pick your fav kind – just make sure it’s reduced fat)
2 Turkey Sausage patties

Instructions: I diced up the pepper and onion and sauteed it up with a little Pam spray on medium high heat. Once these were to my liking, I cut up the turkey sausage patties and heated them up in the pan along side the veggies. (they are pre-cooked if you get something like the Jimmy Dean brand). Meanwhile, I beat the eggs up and added just a little bit of skim milk. I poured the egg mixture into the pan on top of everything and scrambled. Cook until the eggs are to your liking and plop it on a plate. Add 1/4 cup shredded cheese and a little salt and pepper or crushed red pepper to flavor. You are ready for a hearty breakfast! You can always reduce the amount of eggs or use egg whites/egg substitute to make it even healthier. On my current eating plan, I have a hard time getting all my meat in – so this was a good option for me!

See you tomorrow, folks!

Breakfast Scramble

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