Holiday Weight Gain – How are you preparing?

Happy Monday! There are a lot of reasons I hate the onset of colder weather, but lately I’ve been appreciating the lack of mosquitoes eating me alive every time I go outside to play Frisbee with my pups. As winter approaches, it’s easy to slack off on your fitness and healthy living goals. Putting on those comfortable sweaters instead of squeezing into your swim suit makes those extra pounds seem nonexistent. Trust me, they are still there!

Even though I’m not in weight loss mode now since I’m pregnant, I’m still trying to get my head focused on staying as healthy as possible during and after this pregnancy. And if you are like me, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years (and all the other holidays celebrated) all mean yummy food, tasty drinks and time NOT spent at the gym. So even though I’ve accepted that I will indeed be gaining weight over the next 6 months, I want to be gaining weight for the right reasons. Note to self: Giant Gingerbread Cookies & Triple Fudge Squares are not the right reasons.

Last week, I mentioned I would be making a return to my primal eating ways. If you are reading this and thinking, WTH does that even mean, I encourage you to take a look back at some of my original posts about this lifestyle. If you want to search by category – checking out “wheat-free, paleo, or primal” would probably bring the best results for you to catch up quickly.

I had the chance to talk to my baby doctor today during my appointment about food choices. I told her I wasn’t happy with the amount of weight I’ve gained in 17 weeks. I’ve put on about 8-9 pounds. I shared with her about the change in my diet towards mostly wheat free pre-baby and how I had to give up on it during the first trimester due to feeling so sick all the time. But I think most of the extra weight I’ve put on (seriously, my baby only weighs 5oz right now, so 9 pounds is NOT ALL BABY WEIGHT, i can’t lie to myself any longer!) is because I’ve allowed lots of bread and trash carbs back into my diet.

I asked her if making a return toward wheat free would be a healthy choice for me and baby. I was so pleased to hear her say, “Absolutely, go for it!” She obviously encouraged me to make sure I was still eating enough carbs (which you can still get from healthy places like vegetables instead of wheat!) but otherwise, gave me the green light.

My husband is basically dancing down the street right now because he’s been waiting for me to be ready for this again. We made the plunge in creating our meals for this week already, and because I’m cheap I’m going to finish the snacky stuff I previously bought (Triscuits & Granola bars) but once they are gone, I’m not going to make a habit of purchasing those items again.




Here’s our meals for the week:
Paleo Jambalaya (we traded the chicken for shrimp since we already had shrimp…just had it for lunch and it was GOOD! I heart riced cauliflower and you should try it).
Soup & Salad (you pick your favs – so quick and easy for dinner)
Chicken Tacos (we are still eating corn products every now and again)
Pork Tenderloin Roll with Spinach, Feta & Sundried Tomatoes served with asparagus (the recipe here is pretty similar to what we did…you could sub your own fav ingredients!)

I also made a pretty fantastic Primal breakfast muffin. My hubby was so proud because he said I’m “cheffing” since I didn’t go off a recipe. Perhaps I’m a little proud, too!

Spicy Sausage, Olives, Pepper and Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Spices, Coconut Milk & Eggs – YUM!


So anyway, I’m excited about getting back to my primal inspired way of eating. I’m sure I won’t be perfect and I’ll probably still indulge in some holiday treats – but getting back to the basics in my normal eating schedule will definitely help me stay on track through the holidays.

What strategies are you planning to use to avoid unnecessary holiday weight gain?

Wearing stretchy pants is probably not your best option.


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One response to “Holiday Weight Gain – How are you preparing?

  1. Whoo hoo! I am a little nervous about holiday weight… not so much thanksgiving since I still can’t really chew… but I know with Christmas, it is going to be a little rough! The good news is I am getting back into a fitness routine and my metabolism is just all over the place, so I am hoping that will help. haha

    Last year I started my weight loss journey before Christmas and managed to lose 10 pounds that first month, so there is hope that I can kick butt again this year!

    And congrats on wanting to get healthy instead of using your pregnancy as an excuse! =D

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