Long overdue post – Weekend Update!

I’m pretty sure this might be the longest span of time between my posts. It’s not that things haven’t been happening in my life – just one of those times where too much is happening and I don’t have any time to process it all. OR, the things that are happening are not really that interesting for the John Q Public. Yah – mostly work stuff. Just super busy with appointments, meetings, and events. See? Not all that interesting.

I did have a great weekend though! Since I last posted I’ve celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary – YAY! And we had a chance to get out of town this past weekend to the mountains/Lake Lure area and really enjoyed ourselves. I found a nice cabin that allowed doggy visitors, so we did a big family trip and Yoshi & Peach got to come along for the first time ever. I seriously think we had more packed in the car for the dogs than we brought for ourselves. I was really worried about how they’d do on a weekend trip with no fenced in backyard and you know, someone elses’ furniture to chew on.

We were pleasantly surprised. They did great! We spent Saturday hiking in Chimney Rock Park with the pups, and it’s amazing how many people love dogs. We met a lot of folks simply because we had Yoshi & Peach with us and everyone wanted to pet them or make fun of Yoshi’s heavy mouth breathing ways. They were really the worst behaved in the parking lot and I thought we were in for a really long and frustrating day. But once they calmed down a bit – it went smoothly. We did about a thousand stairs to the top of Chimney Rock and Yoshi wanted to race up every single flight of them. We also had a chance to go to the water fall and enjoy a cool mist for a few minutes.

Another first was taking the dogs to eat with us at a place with a dog friendly patio called Old Rock Cafe. They again impressed us with their calmness. Perhaps they are growing up after all! It gives me hope for a new couch in my future that isn’t being held together by a fleece blanket. And hope for a nicer rug in some of our rooms that won’t be unraveled in the time span of one work day. We recently bought a very cheap rug to “test” in our den area. The last 2 rugs didn’t survive very long, so why spend money? So far, so good.

A perfect spot for drinks and conversation.

We enjoyed the front porch and I drank mimosas and the hubby drank his beer and we just relaxed. It was far enough removed from anything resembling city – that it gave us a chance to just tune out from work and daily life and just rest. I think we both desperately needed this weekend of quiet and the beautiful outdoors.

It was also nice to be doing something active on the weekend. So often when you think “vacation” you end up being super lazy and eating a bunch of bad food. So I was happy that we picked a great spot to relax, but a place that also gave us great access to hiking and being outside! It was a great way to balance out “vacation.”






Here are a few pics of our weekend!

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  1. I have been to Chimney Rock!!!

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