Magical Fairy of Knowledge: Myth or Should I Keep Waiting?

Today I went to a webinar to learn more about the open enrollment period for making changes to benefit plan at my work. You know, since I’m a recently self proclaimed True Adult, I am trying to “learn important stuff.”

As I sat there in the webinar, I was hastily taking notes like I was back in college trying to write everything down before the slide changed. Should I write that down? Will I even know what that MEANS when I look back at my notes later? What did she say? SLOW DOWN! What does THAT word even mean? Is everyone else writing that down?

This is what I am looking for, I think. (Magical Fairy Abbey Cadabby – Sesame Street).

These were all thoughts I had at some point today. No ones fault – I just feel like I could use a life coach sometimes – someone who could really sit down and explain to me the ins and outs of topics like: Investments, Retirement Savings, Life Insurance, PPO vs. HMO and things like Short Term Disability and Medical Savings Accounts without a sales pitch.  There is never really a class in college you take that prepares you for all of those things. And it seems like older more experienced adults just seem to magically know things. I keep waiting for the magical fairy of knowledge to visit me in my sleep so I can wake up and feel educated about these topics that really have the power to impact my life. I feel like I’m behind on this stuff.

But so far, no fairy. So I’m back to trying to do research on my own, attending the webinars and sessions offered at work so I can try and figure things out, and just trying to ask questions. I’m not very great at utilizing things like “customer service lines” to ask questions and I know that could help if I were more willing to ask for help.  I’m one of those people who need a lot of time to process information – so I’ll have one question and when I call to get info I will feel like I got that one answered only to realize I now have MORE questions but I’ve already hung up. And I’ll be up front that I sort of hate talking on the phone, even if it’s with my husband, so talking to a complete stranger isn’t my cup of tea. Especially when I feel like they are rolling their eyes at my silly questions.

A good example would be last night when I rushed home to unwrap my new vacuum only to find that a piece on it was broken so I couldn’t use it (FAIL!). I opted to email their customer service people because you know, I don’t like to call people. My husband gets home and immediately gets on the phone and has it taken care of in 5 minutes. He looks at me and says, “Now what’s the lesson we learned?” And after I swallowed my pride I admitted that “Sometimes making a phone call is a better option.”

Whatever. They would have emailed me back…eventually.

Growing up isn’t all fun and games. I guess I knew that it wasn’t all along – but now that I’m getting to a certain age where I need to make some “life decisions” about the rest of my life (financially speaking) – it’s all weighing heavily on me. It’s time to get real about some things and start taking responsibility for my financial future. After all, I missed out on that whole marry a royal prince thing – so I can’t rely on the hubs to fund my coffee habit once I retire.



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