Finally a Grown Up (Officially)

I have reached a crossroads in my life. A point where I realize I’m no longer the little girl playing in her sandbox. I’m no longer that teenager listening to her music as loudly as possible and wallowing in self-pity. I’m not even that college girl inspiring all her sorority sisters to get involved, be motivated and to love each other.

I am however, old enough, to be totally and completely excited about receiving my new vacuum in the mail today.

That’s right. I’m excited about a vacuum. This is certainly a turning point for me. Where I have to fully accept that I’m an adult with responsibilities like keeping my house clean. I won’t say that I’m excited about having to clean my house, but having a new vacuum will certainly make it more “fun” than….NOT having a new vacuum? Whatever.  Stop rolling your eyes at me.

I’ve been researching vacuum’s for awhile now. Trying to talk to people, figure out what might work best. Definitely a far cry from past conversations like “What’s your favorite drink?”and “OMG – did you hear that so and so broke up?” I’m so grown up.

We have basically all hardwood floors in our house – and with 2 big dogs who have doggy door access 100% of the time, a husband who tracks in mud and dirt from mountain biking on a regular basis and just daily life – I feel like I’m constantly sweeping, dusting, sweeping, mopping and wondering why there is STILL so much dog hair on the floor when I just swept…and it’s an endless cycle.

It was time to pull out the big guns. I bought a Dyson. Not just any Dyson, it’s a DC35 series – a cordless vacuum with lots of attachments to help with under the couch/bed areas, different surfaces (so i can use it for our areas rugs and hardwood/tile areas), and it even has an attachment to focus on your floorboards which is a constant nightmare for me.

From gallery (just one of the attachment options)

Doesn’t it just look cool? I read a lot of reviews about it, and most of them were pretty positive. I have decided that 100% of the people will never be happy 100% of the time. So you have to take reviews with a grain of salt. I’m pretty sure Abraham Lincoln said it more eloquently and he WASN’T talking about vacuums but the thought process still works for me and I’m going with it.

It charges quickly and has a lot of power. And I think I mentioned my excitement over the variety of attachments. I also got it on a special and saved over 100$. That also makes me one happy yet very adult girl.

It should arrive today and I have a feeling I may move “vacuuming” up on my chores list instead of waiting until the weekend. Watch out people, party at my place. Just be sure to wipe your feet before entering!



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6 responses to “Finally a Grown Up (Officially)

  1. Does it have an attachment so you can use it like a regular vacuum? This would kill my back!

  2. Katie

    Love it! Let me know how it works I have been eyeing that one :).

  3. Thanks, you made me laugh with this.

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