View from the Middle of the Week

The days have been flying by it seems – so much to do at work, trying to keep up with email, projects – events. It feels like a whirlwind sometimes. My 11am appointment canceled, so I thought I’d take a quick moment to post here. I know I’ve become slack on posting regularly – but once the hectic schedule starts feeling normal again, I’ll find time. Just a little adjustment period!

They always have a mind of their own.

So I’m happy to report that I went for my walk on Monday as scheduled – even got the hubby to go with me despite him not feeling very well. I felt a little guilty because we just went and didn’t take the dogs – but sometimes they make going for a walk so very complicated and it becomes this huge production of barking, jumping, clawing and tripping over leases. Sometimes I just want to go for my walk. I know that probably sounds selfish – but if walking is going to be my “work out” a few times a week, then I have to have the perspective of – “Would I bring Yoshi & Peach to turbokick with me?” Nope. Okay, I’m feeling better already.

Yesterday, I taught TurobKick – and my leg actually felt better this time around! I broke it down into sections and did some individual exercises outside of the cardio – so doing some shoulder work, standing abs, squat series. I think that helped me not burn out my leg in the first 30 minutes. I’ll take it!

Today I brought my work out clothes and I’ve decided I have a date with The Ellen Degeneres Show on the treadmill at 5pm. Okay it will be more like 5:15 because I have to walk to the gym and change, etc. But I feel like I don’t really watch any “real tv” anymore since we cut our cable, so it’s a bit of a treat to watch the talk show and I find the commercials aren’t annoying because I haven’t seen them a million times already. Funny how that works. I am growing tired of seeing the same political ads and food ads on my Hulu account though. Apparently my dog Peach has started to enjoy TV. It all started with the Pedigree commercials that run on Hulu about “being a dog family.” For some reason, anytime this commercial comes on, she rouses herself from slumber to sit up and watch the TV. So now we’ve taken to telling her her favorite commercial is on and we get a kick out of watching her watch the screen with what LOOKS like rapt attention. I guess we’ll never know. 🙂 But since I’m tired of the actual commercials – watching her is more fun anyway.

I’m hoping the weather will hold out for me to ride with the road bike crew on Saturday morning, and the hubby and I are contemplating a hike on Sunday. He has Monday off for Labor Day – my place of employment takes the holiday literally (meaning I have to labor on Labor Day). But apparently my husband plans on being super productive with his day off so that we can enjoy a hike or something non-chore related on Sunday. So sweet, right? I’ll never complain about not having to do chores. I remember in college I would literally climb into bed with all my text books and note books and binders still on the bed. I just didn’t want to clean it up. I didn’t want to make my bed, or put away my clothes. It was pretty terrible. I’m a slightly less messy version of my college self now (almost a decade later) – but I owe that to the “Fear of things being eaten by dogs” motto I’ve adopted over the last 3 years.  Sometimes I seriously wish I had a magic wand to just clean things up. Mop the floors, vacuum the rugs, sweep the floors. Scrub the toilet. Ugh. I hate chores!

Lastly, it’s my other niece’s birthday this weekend, and she is having her party at the gymnastic place. I’m sort of hoping I can jump into the foam pit or try my hand at the bars and balance beams. I never did gymnastics as a child (I was way too chubby), and even though I’m still kinda chubby, I like to think I’m now “athletic” instead. Plus, I have perfected my cartwheel in my adult years somehow (thank you Capoeria training – check out the cool video if you’ve never heard of it  before!) and I’m pretty sure someone will be impressed if I get a little floor time. Seriously though, I was so not anywhere NEAR these guys in the video – but some of the people I practiced with were amazing and I did some pretty cool stuff while training.

Alright, hope everyone is having a good week so far! 2 more Days of Work – we got this!


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  1. Wow, you have been such a busy bee! Definitely been missing your posts, but I totally get what you mean about needing that adjustment period! And I understand about walking the dogs and such. Sometimes they can just really complicate things, and doing exercise should be more about you focusing on you. I feel like walking the dogs is something entirely different. =D

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