Summer Challenge: Lessons Learned Part I

I have four more workouts on my plate before I can officially claim completion of my Summer Push Challenge. My goal was to do the 90 day program (TurboFire) which required workouts 6 days a week.

It was a major change from what I was doing before which almost never included an intense workout on the weekends. Now that I only have 4 more workouts to complete – I’m reflecting on what I’ve learned during this experience and what I’ll take with me into my next challenge, whatever that may be.

I hear a lot of people say that pushing yourself is more mental than physical. I often think we don’t give our bodies enough credit -we are built to last. We are built to run, jump, swim, lift heavy things. Yet, we don’t do a lot of these things on a regular basis – so our bodies aren’t conditioned for their true nature. So getting BACK to my bodies original purpose has been a major fight for me over the last few years. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

We battle with making better food choices, trying to push our bodies to endure long workouts, build muscle, lose fat. Do more. Do more. Do more. It’s pretty exhausting.

Lesson #1: Decreased Recovery Time

After (almost) 90 days of pushing myself – I have gained both mental and physical strength. As I was going through my 55 minute cardio session last night – I was having flashbacks to the first night I ever did that workout. I remember when it was over I looked at my BodyBugg and I had burned almost 900 calories. I was completely & totally wiped. I remember going over to my neighbor’s house afterwards and just feeling exhausted for the rest of the night.  I woke up intensely sore.

Last night, I finished my workout, did some stretching and went on with my life as normal. It didn’t feel like a big deal. Did I push myself? Did my heart beat quickly? Did I sweat – oh yah. But my recovery time has improved SO much. I’m simply in better shape now.

I learned that being fit (or at least on the way to being more fit) doesn’t mean that my workouts won’t be tough or that I won’t feel tired. But what I have to remember is that I’m pushing myself to be more capable – and so that when I’m finished – I get over it faster and can move on with my day.

Lesson #2:  Believe the force is with you

The second lesson I want to share today is that making up your mind to do something is MOST of the battle. And I think this applies to both eating healthier and working out regularly. You have to regularly give yourself pep talks – and stop thinking that it’s weird that you do it! I tell myself all the time “You are not tired.” “You feel great.” “You got this one in the bag – it’s no big deal.” And even if I AM tired, I don’t feel great and I don’t feel confident that it’s not a big deal – just having positive talk going through my brain helps me get into the groove. It empowers me.

Deciding  I was going to do 90 days of a high intensity workout program was step one. From there on out – it was sheer determination that got me through. I made up my mind that I was going to do this – and even on days where working out was the last thing I wanted to do – I did it anyway. And I’d say 9 times out of 10 – I was glad that I made myself workout once I was finished.  I felt better.

Bottom line: You are more powerful than you think you are – both in mind and body.

You control you! No one else can make decisions for you unless you allow them that power. Take control of your life and make a decision that makes your life better. Accept that it will be tough, and that you’ll want to quit sometimes – but do it anyway. You are unstoppable, you got this – all you need to do is just go forth and DO it! Tell yourself you can do it, and eventually – you’ll start believing it.


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  1. Whoo hoo! Awesome! I am so motivated by your work outs and kicking some serious butt! =D

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