New Appreciation for Flavors

Sad, but necessary.

I know today is only day 3 of my 30 Day Food Challenge, but I think I’m feeling  benefits because I started really weaning myself off of wheat products last week for the most part. I’ll admit that over the weekend (prior to our official start day), I said goodbye to one of my favorite food items in the world: The Chocolate Chip Cookie. It was worth it since one of my good friends made it and home-made cookies are definitely the best.

I’ve noticed this week a subtle change in my palate. For some reason – some flavors just burst through to me now. I feel like I keep telling my husband – WOW this is SO good! Last night we had a fajita chicken salad. It wasn’t anything fancy – we used veggies from our Farmer’s Market trip on Sunday including lettuce, green peppers, onions, & heirloom tomatoes. For a dressing we bought a Salsa Verde (green salsa) from Trader Joe’s and we had chicken breast for our protein.

As I was eating the salad last night – I just kept thinking to myself about how intense the flavors were. I’m not usually a huge tomato fan – I have to be in the mood…but they were just so good. The chicken tasted perfectly seasoned (even though we just used regular spices like cumin, red pepper flakes, etc).  The night before – we had steak and roasted sweet potoato and okra. Again – absolutely delicious.

I don’t know if it’s the avoidance of anything processed, or the lack of wheat & all the “fillers” – but I’m enjoying it.

My biggest struggle right now is figuring out some diversity for snacks. I’ve been doing olives, some cheese, and raw nuts lately. I did buy some carrots and this guacamole hummus dip – but then I read that I should avoid soy. So i’ll finish it up this week and not buy that again and figure out another dip option. Learn as you go, right?

Apparently, I can eat raw nuts. I’ve never been a big nut fan – even with all the added seasonings and the roasting or smoking that they offer at the store.  But the one nut I’ve been able to eat before was cashews – so I started with those and bought them in the bulk section of our EarthFare market. I found the “raw” version and gave it a whirl. It’s different without all the added salt and flavorings, but not bad. The more I incorporate it as a little snack (I do about 1-1.5 oz a day since i am trying to lose weight!) the more I find it pretty tasty. So I decided to get raw walnuts this time – and apparently, I like walnuts. They are so buttery all on their own. Weird, huh?

I’m still apprehensive about some of the other nuts but I guess I’ll give them a go throughout this 30 days…maybe i’ll discover I like other ones, too.

Even though it’s Day 3 – I feel like i’m heading in a good direction already. I’m sure I will experience some challenges along the way – but that is par for the course, right?

I’ll be checking in on my weight loss progress in the morning since I’ll be traveling to DC tomorrow night and won’t be around my scale to do so. I guess we’ll see if there are any changes after 4 days. But so far – I feel good and I feel like I’ve got my energy back whereas last week I was dragging a bit on a few days.

So I’m hoping that the more adjusted my body gets to this no wheat thing – the more happy results I see (both on the scale and off the scale!).

How are you doing with your plans for your 30 Day Challenge?


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