Meet Positive Polly (the sadly under-represented sister of Negative Nancy)

I was wondering to myself as I walked back from my last presentation to my office, is there a name for someone who is always positive? We have a name for people who are constantly negative, as in “Well aren’t you Negative Nancy, today?”

So I started thinking about it and I can’t remember anyone ever saying to someone else, “well aren’t you Miss Happy Holly today?” or “That’s awesome to think that way, Optimistic Opal” or (my personal fav) “Look at you, Positive Polly!”

If there is such a nickname, perhaps it’s sad that I’ve never heard anyone use it. And that made me think more about how negative we are toward each other and ourselves. How often do we judge other people and even more so – how much do we tear ourselves down? I agree with that saying about being our own worst enemy….I can apply that to myself on many different levels. And it’s easy to always see the down side of things instead of focusing on the good stuff.

Doesn’t this make you want to work out? 🙂 Having fun at Turbo training!

When I first started getting into fitness and living a healthier lifestyle, I found my niche in group exercise. And I wasn’t really sure why things clicked or why I kept going back. I didn’t understand why I felt the pull to become an exercise instructor or to be a beachbody coach. But looking back – I realize I was drawn to group exercise because the people who I went with were uplifting. They enjoyed working out and had fun while they were doing it and I wanted to feel that way. More so, I wanted to help others feel that way, too. I know myself well enough to know I am immensely more motivated to stay on track if I’m in charge of inspiring others along the way. Helping you, helps me – bottom line.

And even though I’m not 100% fit or the perfect role model for healthy living – being around people who enjoy living a healthy lifestyle is empowering to me. It makes me feel excited to be on this journey. It shows me that being fit isn’t about living this boring, rigid lifestyle. It’s about balance and self-control. You can still have a life, but you have to balance it out each and every day. Being exposed to “real people” who are excited about being active, are real about making good food choices but also allow themselves to indulge every once in awhile – has just helped me so much. I see them doing it and I know I can be one of those people. In a lot of ways, I feel like I AM becoming one of those people already.

Being around HAPPY people makes you feel happier. Being around NEGATIVE people makes you feel more negative. Simple, but true.

I have definitely been through phases in my life where I identified with the negative crowd – where there is always an issue, always something to gripe about, etc. I don’t remember that time in my life being all sparkles and rainbows.I remember feeling negative about myself, judgmental of other people and just sort of blah!

Working out with a group doesn’t always have to be at the gym! This is my Warrior Dash Crew!

In order to keep myself motivated and in order to (hopefully) inspire other people to make better decisions about their lifestyle (in terms of being healthier) – it makes sense to want to align myself with Happy Holly’s, Optimistic Opals, and Positive Polly’s. And just for kicks let’s add Hopeful Henry (I need some diversity after all). There are some things in life you do NOT have control over….but who you spend your time with and how you treat yourself is definitely not on that list. You absolutely have control over this part of your life.

Sometimes making healthy decisions isn’t always about what to make for dinner or what workout to do – it’s about making life choices that put you on the right track. Don’t forget to find friends who have the same healthy goals as you do – it will make this journey a LOT easier and maybe you’ll even feel a bit more like sparkles and rainbows, too.



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2 responses to “Meet Positive Polly (the sadly under-represented sister of Negative Nancy)

  1. I love the phrase Positive Polly! Yay! Even if you ever feel negative, if you fake a smile and walk around pretending like you’re in a musical (like a bouncy, dancy, walk), it’s really, really hard to keep feeling negative :-).

  2. I am all for Positive Polly! I definitely love being around happy people! It fills me with absolute glee. =D But I can feel myself get really tensed when people are negative… I hate it… and i know if I can keep my cool and be happy, eventually it will catch… but it is so hard not to fall into the problem!

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