Fake it ’til you make it

I’ve heard this saying a million times in my life – under so many different pretenses, but when I was thinking about what to blog about today, it popped up in my head immediately and I knew I had to pursue it.

I had trouble getting motivated about my workout yesterday, and this morning. Sometimes, no matter how much of a habit working out is – it just feels like a chore, right?

When I think about working out every day, it reminds me of how I feel about flossing. I know I should do it everyday, and I understand all the benefits, but for whatever reason it annoys me that I have to floss everyday. In the end, I do floss several times a week (after being lectured multiple times by my dental hygienist), but I’m still not excited about it.

With working out, I don’t give myself the option of not doing it , even though it may annoy me that I have to work out to begin with.

So Step 1: Be  committed to your work outs, regardless of what else is going on.

Step 2: Just push play and start gong through the motions – your body will slowly wake up. (Fake it til you make it)

Like this morning, I was really zoned out – I felt like my punches were weak, my legs felt tight and I just all around couldn’t get excited about it. But I kept going. Eventually my muscles loosened up, I was able to get back into good form. I found myself dancing a little bit during some of the moves and all of a sudden I was finished. I had to fake it at first…but I made it and ended up burning quite a few calories.

Big Picture: Hard Work Takes Daily Effort

Often times, we don’t want to put in the hard work in order to get the end result we want. I know I’ve been in that boat many a time before. But you really have to make a commitment to your goals and do the hard work everyday in order to get closer to achieving them. But don’t kid yourself that just because you are committed to losing weight, adding muscle to your body, eating fewer calories (whatever it is) that you are going to feel motivated every day to make it happen. You are going to have ups and downs – but you have to be determined enough to finish what you started. And focused enough to start so you CAN finish strong – even when it’s the last thing you want to do. Believe me – it WILL be the last thing you want to do sometimes, but it’s pretty certain that you’ll be glad you did it once it’s over.

Never Give Up

I’ve realized that working out everyday isn’t sexy and fabulous all the time. Sometimes you just have a bad day, and your workout isn’t as great as you want it to be. Sometimes I finish a workout and think – man, I want to go back to bed. But having those bad workouts doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying because when you have a good day, and a good work out – there’s nothing better than that feeling of pure accomplishment where you’ve pushed yourself to your limits and recovered from it.

Despite not feeling like working out very much last night, during the Turbo drill I jumped and pulled my knees to my chest in a tuck jump because I was determined to not let my mind beat my body. I’m usually more low impact because my left knee sucks, but I just had to conquer that tired voice in my head telling me to just stop. Doing those tuck jumps were hard, especially several in a row but once I proved to myself I could do them even when I felt tired, it was empowering. Like telling that little voice to just shut up, anyway. Who needs her?

Sometimes we have to outsmart ourselves and let our bodies override our minds. That’s why I like the “fake it til you make it” phrase – because it’s true. Jumping up when I don’t feel like jumping, putting power behind my punches when I don’t feel like punching proves that I can do anything, I just have to stop over-analyzing how I feel during my work out and JUST DO IT.

Takeaways for you today:

1) Don’t expect to have a surge of energy every single day you want to work out – sometimes you just have to do it anyway and know that the energy will come.

2) Don’t let your mind talk you out of what you really need to do. Your body is capable of SO MUCH MORE.

3) Embrace the good workouts, and the bad ones. In the end, you are still burning calorie and building muscles even if you didn’t love every minute of it. In the end, when you see results you won’t remember the crap workouts, you’ll just be glad you did them.



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