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My birthday weekend was a success, even if I’m still sort of exhausted from it. But I’m very ready to get back on track this week with eating healthy food. I did stick to my work outs on Friday and Saturday  – so that was a major plus for me. As I’m starting a new week of my program, I have the opportunity to change my “day off” from working out, so I’m going to try Sundays as my day off this week. Yesterday, I felt pretty miserable after eating food I don’t normally eat and drinking (albeit at a decent pace) all day on Saturday – and on top of that, just tired from being up and about for so long. So now i’m looking at 6 days in a row of working out. WHEW! I may decide that I like the break in the middle of the week a bit better, but at least now that i’m in phase 2 of the program I have a bit more flexibility with adjusting the schedule to work best for me.

So anyway, last week my lovely blog friend, Cassy, nominated me for the Lovely Blogger Award. You should check out her blog – she blogs about her journey to lose weight and it is often funny, totally relate-able and ALWAYS encouraging!

So I’m told that part of being nominated for this award is that I have to share 7 things about myself and then nominate a few other people who are deserving of this award.  Here’s my 7 things (some all of which are of no consequence):

1) Sitting outside and reading is still one of my very favorite things to do. I remembered how much I loved it yesterday when I was just being lazy and sitting on my new patio furniture…curled up with my Kindle. Amazing! Growing up, I used to sit outside on our front steps and read for hours.

2) I don’t like fruit. I like SOME fruit flavors, but I don’t eat actual fruit with the exception of small pieces on pineapple (sometimes) and if fruit has been baked into a dish of some sort, and even then I’m particular about what kind of fruit it is I’m eating. In order to still get those essential vitamins and minerals I drink my Shakeology and 100% fruit juice.

3) I have never had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. True Story.

4) I have 2 dogs, Yoshi & Peach, & whenever I watch a movie where a pet dies, I sob uncontrollably because I just can’t imagine my life without them; I love them so much.

They love each other.

5. I’ve lived abroad in both Canada and New Zealand.

6. My favorite author is Stephen King.

7. One of my goals in my life before I die is to write a book that I’d let someone else read.

Okay – not sure how interesting any of those facts are, but those are the rules.

Who I’m nominating for having a Lovely Blog?

Domestic Superhero: She has lots of great ideas for food and projects around the house. Great blog!

  100 Lost & Not Found: She is on a journey, too – and this blog is all about the ups and downs of trying to lose weight, figure out the “rules” and live life, too.

Caterpickles: This blog is really funny – stories of things her imaginative 5 year old comes up with, or asks. I’ve ended up learning a lot of random yet interesting facts from reading her blog! 5 year olds are so inquisitive!

Okay – that’s it for me. Hope you enjoyed my lovely facts and that you check back with me this week for more tips, inspiration and general off topic-ness!





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3 responses to “My Lovely Blog

  1. Jills

    I just read my first Stephen King book- 11/22/63. I loved it! I’m a sucker for time travelling stories.
    And thanks for the nomination!

    • That one was a really good book!! If you like time travel….weird real world yet in a different time sort of stuff, you might check out The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. Its by far my favorite book series..not just by Stephen King – by anyone! The first book is called The Gunslinger.

  2. Yay!!!! =D I love your 7 random facts. Yoshi is such a great dog name! And I cry pretty much at any animal movie or book, even if it is happy. I am one of THOSE criers. haha Stephen King is AWESOME. I live 20 minutes away from his House! Though he has another house along the coast in Maine… which makes sense since he has the money to do that. I would so love to meet him though…

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