What’s your agenda, anyway?

At the end of almost all the TurboFire workouts, Chalene gives us a tip of the day. Now of course, I repeat these video workouts every week so the tips aren’t always new and enlightening because I’ve heard them before, right? BUT – sometimes they remind me of something I’ve forgotten or they stir something up in me that makes me want to share them with you!

So a recent tip from Chalene is: Schedule your work outs and make them a priority just like anything else that’s important to you in your day.

Portion of my workout schedule – true story!

Yesterday I brought in my workout calendar from home and put it on my outlook calendar here in the office that connects with my smartphone. This way – it’s a constant reminder of what is on the workout agenda each day. So if someone says, “Hey Dre – I’d love for you to grab a drink with me after work” I can look at my calendar and say…hmm, I’ve got something going on right after work, but what about Wednesday – that’s my off day!” (true story)

If you don’t have your work out scheduled on your calendar – it’s a lot easier to book yourself up with plans that do not include working out. Like, eating dinner out with friends. Grabbing a drink after work. Which um, hello – are both things that easily throw you off track when you are trying to cut down on the extra calories from food/drink during the week like myself. I have found that having my workouts schedule as much as a month in advance, it lets me plan for “fun things” so I can still participate in things I want to do…while still meeting my exercise goals. For example, I am going out for my birthday dinner wit

h my hubby Thursday – so that means I have to get up early before work to get my work out in.

As I’m into my second week of month two (happy dance!!!) of my summer push challenge, I’m learning some new things about myself. Afterall, this blog is supposed to be all about my journey during my 30’s of being healthier, happier, etc. So as I’m turning 31 on Thursday, I guess it’s cool that I’m still learning new things along the way. The first of which is – deciding to be healthier has 2 components: training your body AND training your mind.

I think I’ve known this…sort of deep down for a while now, but I’m just starting to actually WORK to train my mind as I’m working to train my body. I’ve decided that in order to REALLY meet my goal and be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle for the REST of my life, in order to be an example to my family, my future children, my future grandchildren, my friends both now and in the future – I can’t just work out and eat right and expect the rest to fall into place. I have to be working just as hard to change my mindset from the “old me” to the new me.

The old me gives in to negative thoughts about being too tired, not having enough time, feeling entitled to not work out or eat something off plan just because. The old me doesn’t want to make the change badly enough to actually make sacrifices to see it happen.

 And that’s the thing – you have to be willing to change your mind if you want to change your  body for good.

Because as much as you may actually change on the outside, if you aren’t working to train your mind to indulge in healthy habits like eating right and working out consistently – then how long can you maintain a healthy weight before you just go back to your old ways? I think that this is exactly why a lot of people who have surgery to assist with weight loss struggle to keep the weight off long term. Because if they don’t get the proper counseling along the way – they don’t learn re-train their mind to a more healthy lifestyle along the way.

For me, knowing that I have kept my promise to myself and incorporated working out 6 days a week into my life for almost 6 weeks is an amazing accomplishment. It’s finally become something of a habit. Even when I DON’T feel like working out, or I feel tired, it doesn’t really occur to me to NOT workout. I may have to modify my workouts sometimes when my body is sore or I’m tired from not getting enough sleep – but I still do them because it’s part of me achieving my long term goals.

My friend and I used to jokingly say that “if it’s not on my calendar it’s not actually happening.” And I think that’s really true for me still – and seeing my work out on my calendar helps me plan the rest of my life around working out and my work schedule. Just like I wouldn’t schedule catching up with a friend in the middle of my work day because work is typically non-negotiable time, I view my workouts that way, too. Even though other people may not make working out a priority, that doesn’t mean that I can’t. We all have our own agendas (literally) to keep and really, no one can force you to make something a priority – you get to decide!

Our priorities become clear when we look at how we spend our time. Think about the last week of your life – what have you spent the most time on? What did you go out of your way to do? What did you sacrifice in order to do something else this week? I bet when you think about these things, you’ll see where your priorities are – and for some of you, you may be surprised at how you are spending your time. I know that obviously if you have children to take care of – that is an immediate and important priority. And it makes it a bit (okay, a lot!) trickier to figure out how to make something for YOU a priority in your life, but I still think it’s important to not lose yourself even when you have such an incredible responsibility like taking care of a child on your plate!

In the end, if you take care of yourself the people around you who rely on you will be healthier and happier as a result. That’s something I realized about myself this last year, too. I can’t truly be 100% there for someone else if I haven’t taken care of my own needs, even if it is a bit of a struggle sometimes.

So – remember that getting healthier isn’t just about losing weight or lowering your cholesterol or body fat percentage. It’s about training your mind to be healthy as well – so that the negative voice and low self-esteem change to positive self-talk and encouragement! And just like losing weight, you’re not going to change your mind overnight. It takes practice and patience…but you got this. Now make YOU a priority!

Well said, pinterest.



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2 responses to “What’s your agenda, anyway?

  1. Well done! I have definitely been slacking with my work outs lately… and I felt a little guilty while reading this post. :/ I really need to start making exercise a priority!! But I am doing more than I was doing last year at this time so that is something! =D Thank you for the motivation!

  2. Good for you! I’m so happy you are prioritizing and putting your health and happiness first.

    I have to confess it also makes me a little sad…It seems that the older we get, the harder it is to find a friend to grab an impromptu coffee/beer. Unfortunately, we can’t put our bad days on the calendar and plan ahead for when we need a friend. Oh well, guess that’s why we have husbands ;-). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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