Weekend Review & Birthday Week!

Somehow, it’s Monday again. The weekends always go by way too fast. Overall, I had a good weekend with the usual hiccups of drinking perhaps a glass or two more wine than I should have. Something about summer time makes me want to indulge in my wine more than in the winter time.  I guess it’s because you can be outside and it stays lighter longer – so my days just feel longer and  gives me more time to make bad decisions. 🙂

BUT, this weekend I think I did pretty alright because I got my work out in on Friday afternoon (thank goodness for my half day Fridays during the summer) and we ate at home before a few people came over to hang out. I stayed up a bit later than I intended, but I had already resolved to get up early to meet a few people for a bike ride close to where I work. So when the alarm went off Saturday morning – I just shoved myself out of bed even though I was a little tired. No excuses!

The bike ride was nice, the weather was PERFECT and we did a little over 20 miles at an easy pace. I find it challenging to add in other workouts on top of my TurboFIRE workouts because those are already tough workouts 6 days a week. So having a fairly easy bike ride was nice. We stopped for breakfast downtown and I was starving! Once I got home, I sat on the couch for awhile trying to motivate myself to just go ahead and do my turbo workout rather than turning on tv and avoiding all my chores.

I’m proud to say that my inner workout goddess won, and I did my turbo workout even though I had to stop a few times due to a side cramp. But I still made it through.  I also somehow managed to wrangle both of my dogs into the bathtub for a much needed bath. I think that counts as a THIRD workout for Saturday.

Sunday flew by as we slept in way too late, but I guess sometimes you just need to rest. We went down to the bike shop for their 2nd anniversary party and it was good to see some familiar faces. We rushed from there to get groceries for the week and got home to start on building our deck furniture.  I’m here to tell you – I am not good with tools. RJ kept having to take over for me and I’d start something new. Oh well, I don’t think it was news to him that I’m not meant to be a handy man.

But the final result was great – umbrella up (which needed 200 pounds of sand in the base…that was a chore!), 4 swivel chairs and a low table…we had dinner (left overs from our eat out meal over the weekend) outside last night and it was fantastic. After all this, I went downstairs and did my core workout. I just couldn’t bring myself to workout while the sun way still out – it was too nice to be inside.

So today is officially starting my birthday week. It’s going to be hard to stay on track this week with my eating since I’m going out for drinks with co-workers on Wednesday and my hubby is taking me out for my birthday dinner on Thursday (since Thursday is my actual birthday). I may have to skip weigh in day this week because I’m a big fan of letting yourself celebrate on special holidays (as long as you don’t make up a new holiday every week!). Guess we’ll see how it goes. But I am promising myself right now that even though my food may not be on track every day this week,  I can still make sure my workouts happen!

One change at a time, I am excited about what 31 will bring this year. It’s like the 2nd chapter of my ThirtyStory and I’m optimistic!



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2 responses to “Weekend Review & Birthday Week!

  1. Did you ride with the Rock Hill Bike Club? I’ve been wanting to try that group ride, but wasn’t sure I was up for their kind of mileage.

    • I just went with the “winthrop” group. Dr. A, Rizzo, and a few other WU folk. They usually ride on Saturday mornings….and we did 20 miles, but the pace was pretty slow, no big climbs or anything. So it was an enjoyable ride. I’d say the average pace was like maybe 13mph. It’s not a huge hardcore workout ride, but would be a good start if you haven’t done any group rides yet. On Monday nights, I know the Rock Hill Bike club does a similar course – and they have all levels of riders so that would also be good. I think they leave from Wells Fargo downtown RH at 630!

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