The End of an Era

Take that, Cable. I don’t need you anymore.

That’s right folks. We are going to be turning off our cable tv next week.*dramatic gasp*

I know lot’s of people who have already done this and seem to still lead normal and healthy lives (key word: SEEM). But as “adults” used to ask me when I was younger as if trying to prove some bigger point behind good decision making: “If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?”

Good point (and actually, I might).

I mean – what AM I going to do without my beloved DVR? I’m sure to miss out on some good times. I will have to create my very own internet tv schedule to keep up with all my favorite shows. Upon recent research I found out I may have to wait as long as EIGHT days to view new episodes on FOX. That is just a recipe for social disaster. My whole life is on the brink of blinking into nonexistence.

I’ll have to avoid facebook, news websites and the radio to avoid hearing who got voted off So You Think You Can Dance. In the process of avoiding all these online/radio programs, I’ll also have to preface every in person conversation I have both in and out of the office with “I haven’t see the results show yet!” just to make sure no one ruins the surprise. Pretty soon, people will avoid in person conversations with me since I’ll be limiting their rights to free speech, and I won’t even be able to log on to Facebook to connect with my friends that way (in addition to at least 100 people who are my friends that I don’t really know) so even strangers will be out of my reach!

I can see it, a year from now I’ll be friendless, behind the curve on the next big social networking site, and totally out of touch with the news as a result of never being able to listen for fear of being told the ending to my beloved TV shows. Turning off cable is really going to change my life. In fact, by the time this first year is over, I’ll probably have to turn it back on because I’ll have nothing else better to do with my time or money.

It’s a vicious cycle, but somebody has to do it. Good bye Time Warner Cable. It’s not really been all that great, anyway.


Your cheeky little current subscriber

P.S. I’m also back down to my previous weeks weight which is good after my majorly off track weekend and semi on track week. Goal for the month 2 of my TurboFire program? Another inch from my hips and waist and 5 pounds weight loss is what I’m shooting for. But I’d also accept MORE inches and more weight loss. πŸ™‚

Have a good weekend, folks! And just so you know (because I know you are worried!), it’s only 6 days until my birthday, so you still have time to send me cards and select the perfect gift. πŸ™‚



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4 responses to “The End of an Era

  1. We turned off our cable a little over a year ago. I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I knew I was sick of paying DirecTV a ridiculous amount every month. It was actually pretty easy without it, because everything can be seen online like you said. There are several websites where you can watch TV shows earlier than 8 days…that’s crazy!! Try freeproject TV, which is my favorite. They even have shows from HBO/Showtime. Also, if you have amazon prime, you can watch shows on their streaming for free.

    We ended up getting cable back about a month ago when we moved. And internet/cable package was only $10 more expensive than the internet alone, so we opted for that. It’s nice having it again, but after so long not having it, we don’t watch so much TV anymore. AND, you will definitely only watch what you really want to see know, which is also nice and saves a lot of time. Good luck!

  2. Whoo hoo! You can do it. I love not having TV… I mean sometimes, I get a little sad… but then I realize, I don’t really care. haha It is definitely a little more freeing…or at least I think so… it is so much easier to be like “Hey, lets go outside and enjoy this wonderful day!” without expecting a “hold on, after this show is over” in response!

    Congrats on getting back on track as well! I know you are going to kick some major butt this June!

  3. Jill S.

    I got rid of Cable about two months ago and I love it. I got a Roku box ( which allows you to stream Netflix or Hulu Plus to your tv. I didn’t want to end up watching all television on my tiny laptop monitor. This has been great. Yes, it means you need a subscription to Netflix or Hulu Plus, but they are each only $8. I just got Hulu Plus and you can watch everything the very next day. Except CBS shows, which are not on Hulu.
    Anyway, I’m definitely watching less tv (which really just means that I am reading more, not being more active) but I’m not frustrated by buffering internet streams *the Roku box is so much better at streaming than my laptop) or having to hold my laptop all of the time.

    • Yah, we cut the cable yesterday. We have a roku, i got it for my hubby a few years back and we stream netflix on it, so i think we’ll try the hulu plus for the free trial week to see how we like it as well. I do think it will be okay – just a little bit of an adjustment at first!

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