Weekend Review (I know, a day late)

Technically, my weekend lasted through yesterday because I took the day off to give us a chance to drive back from time in Kentucky with my family. For many of my friends yesterday was a day off, but my university doesn’t recognize Memorial Day as a day off from work type of holiday, so I had to take actual vacation time. BOOO! HISS! Oh well. It was totally worth it because I got to see almost ALL of my extended family on Sunday.

I made a few goals for myself before I left, and I’m proud to say that I stuck to the work out goals. I didn’t miss my workouts while I was traveling, even though it would have been SO easy to just not do them. Let’s back up to Friday afternoon.

It was my first glorious half day Friday of the summer. Only on Friday at 11:30am does it make up for having to get up earlier and stay later for work Monday – Thursdays. I had a gift card to spend at one of my fav stores, so I decided to treat myself for a really great month of progress with my TurboFIRE program. I was pretty nervous that I’d get to the store and wouldn’t find anything that I liked or fit – but I had really good luck at the store. I actually fit back into the size I wore 15 11 pounds ago without any struggle. Pretty cool, huh? I still have some pounds to shed, but losing inches has helped my clothes fit better in a major way. I got a new dress (totally wearing it for my birthday dinner next week with my husband), a new skirt (wearing it now!) and 2 new shirts, 2 new pairs of “dressy” jeans. YAY! There is NOTHING better than going shopping and finding clothes that make you feel like you’ve done something to change your body in a good way. Major accomplishment!

When I got home from shopping, I decided to put the second coat of stain on our deck in preparation for our new deck furniture coming on Wed (SO excited!). It was really hot out and I got my sweat on just doing that. It was a good warm up for my Friday 55 minute workout. Pretty soon I was informed it was “ladies night” at my neighbors, so i had to quickly eat my pork tacos at home (i skipped the side and really most the toppings for lack of time) and I ended up drinking too much red wine (I know – you saw that one coming). I think it was a combo of working out and eating really light the whole day. Oh, and just having a few too many glasses of wine. Of course, I felt pretty terrible the next morning.

If you remember, one of my goals was to work out BEFORE getting in the car to drive to Kentucky. So that didn’t happen. FAIL! But, once we got to Kentucky, we hung out a little bit and went to grab some dinner (I was totally right about us eating Mexican food)…but here’s the big difference: when we got home and my food settled (sort of), I put on my workout gear and went to the basement to work out. My aunt doesn’t have a dvd player in the basement, so I was glad I brought my TurboKick music (for the classes I teach) and I was able to do get in my 45 minute workout easily without throwing up. The next morning, I got up and first thing did my TurboFire – it was the Core 20/Stretch 40 so I was able to do it upstairs while my parents and aunt & uncle went to church. It’s my least fav workout, so I knew I just needed to get it over with before the distractions arrived.

And, oh the distractions arrived. Ice cream cake for my birthday, a chocolate mousse cake (just because my cousin loves to try new recipes and then torture those of us trying to eat healthy :)), and..well the list of food items would take a while, but basically the weirdest combo of bad for you foods you can imagine. Everything from ground beef tacos and white queso (or you could choose a sausage queso dip, my personal fav) to grilled veggies (not so bad for you) and chicken and pork, rice, beans, mac & cheese. Argh. So much. And I didn’t even try everything and still had WAY too much food.

So i didn’t do so hot on the portion control, but I’m giving myself a 10 for sticking to my workouts. When we arrived home yesterday, we worked out almost immediately before we started taking care of all the other chores. So now I’m officially into day 2 of the SECOND month of my TurboFire program. YAY!

I’ll be taking my result pictures this weekend since I wasn’t really in a place I could do that this weekend with traveling. I’m curious to see if i look any different from the pics a month ago? Guess we will see (by we I mean I because I don’t think I would post them here for the world to see!).

Off to a good start on my week – had to get up at 5:30am this morning to get my TurboFire workout in since I’m teaching TurboKick tonight after work. And then tomorr0w – my beloved day off from working out. I’m going to enjoy every moment of it 🙂

How was your weekend?





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One response to “Weekend Review (I know, a day late)

  1. YAY! I am so proud of you for sticking to your exercise even if your food choices weren’t the best ones. :p But oh well… have to live a little bit! That’s awesome about the shopping too! That is always such an amazing feeling… it is amazing how much your body changes with exercise even if it doesn’t show up right away on the scale. My weekend also lead to some bad food choices but lots of activity! Horseback riding, hiking and getting lost… and lots of laughing!

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