Month 1 Results & Game Plan for the weekend

As promised, I took my measurements and weighed in this morning despite wanting to skip this week and put it off until next week. As I mentioned yesterday, this is the one week of the month where I’m always up a few pounds regardless of how hard I’ve worked. YAY for being a girl.

But – when I weighed in this morning, instead of being up 3-4 pounds like usual this time of month, I was only .6 pounds heavier than last weeks weigh in! I think I should see some really awesome results on the scale next week when I’m feeling more “normal.” I’m taking that as a win! So I’ve been pushing you to find other ways to measure your success, and one of my favorite ways to do this is….to literally measure every Friday morning. I’m glad I did because here’s the run down:

In 4 weeks (even though I’m 3 workouts from officially completing week 4 at the moment, so i may check back in to see if there are more results next week):

Chest: Lost 1 inch
Hips: Lost 1 inch
Upper Thigh: Lost 1 inch
Waist: Lost 1 inch
Upper Arm: Lost .5 inch

Weight: Down 3.6 pounds

I think these are good results so far. I’m pretty impressed with losing 4.5 inches in just 4 weeks. I can definitely feel the difference in my clothing.

The Weekend Game Plan

So today I’m mentally prepping myself for my weekend trip to Kentucky. Here’s my “game plan” for trying to stay on track despite all the barriers that I know will be there:

1) We are leaving tomorrow, so I’m waking up early to get in my cardio workout before we go. Usually I do the Core/Stretch on Saturdays and cardio on Sundays – but I feel like it’s more realistic to fit in my cardio workout in my house vs trying to clear space at my aunts basement to jump and sweat while all the family is there.

2) I’m bringing my Core/Stretch video and resistance bands to KY with me. I don’t need a huge amount of space to do this workout and even if it doesn’t work out for me to do the video for some reason, I can still go through some of the things on my own and I’ll have my “equipment.” I could even break these 2 apart if I had limited time. Core is 20 minute and Stretch is like 40 minutes of yoga.

3) I’m going to see if perhaps my sister wants to do the Yoga with me. This would make it more fun and if there were 2 of us doing it, perhaps we’d actually get to use the big tv downstairs at my aunts.

4) I’m going to assume that we’ll be going out to eat on Saturday night. Another guess based on experience is that we’ll be going to the Mexican restaurant in this tiny town. It’s pretty good actually. In my normal life – we do typically eat out a few times on the weekend, so this won’t be too off track. But I’m going to attempt to order something that isn’t ridiculous instead of letting it be my cheat meal.

5) TWO WORDS: Portion Control
Sunday will be the hardest day. All the family will be coming over and I’m positive we’ll have a monster feast/cook out with 12 desserts including some sort of birthday cake for me since we’ll probably celebrate my birthday while we are there. I’m going to have to really watch my serving sizes and pick just ONE dessert to try. I also have to avoid being an all day grazer as my family is notorious for having food out all day long to snack on. If my aunt makes her amazing sausage cheese dip – I may lose all self control. But…POSITIVE thoughts, right?

We’ll be driving back on Monday, but I think the hubs and I can make better decisions while eating on the road because we’ll be together. When we get back on Monday, I’ll be jumping right back into my Monday night workout and back to work on Tuesday. I got this.

The upside of going to KY for the weekend is that there will be absolutely no drinking. My family doesn’t drink and the town is in fact, dry, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. So i think that will be helpful because at least I won’t be eating crap food AND drinking. I think it may just balance out as long as I can make the workouts happen!

Have an amazing Memorial Day Weekend and I’ll see you on the flip side!


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One response to “Month 1 Results & Game Plan for the weekend

  1. Oh man, girly problems suck… that whole entire week you feel like you aren’t making any progress and feel bloated ALL THE TIME. ugh. But I am so happy to hear the results! That’s amazing! Congrats. =D I am glad you didn’t skip it because now it is fresh in your mind as you go into this weekend…just remember how hard you have worked these past 4 weeks…. you don’t want to be those 4 weeks be in vain! I know you will kick butt and do your best… and I will keep sending you positive thoughts! Can’t wait to hear about Kentucky when you get back!

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