Tomorrow Might be a Different Story, but today….

….I’m keeping my head up.

Tomorrow will be the day I’m supposed to “officially” track my results/progress for the TurboFIRE program I’m doing. I can’t believe it’s already been a month! I guess TECHNICALLY i’m not done with this fourth week until Sunday, but I’m not going to be around on Sunday to do my check in since I’ll be driving back from visiting family a few states away. Since Friday is my “weigh in day” I’ll be recording results then.

As i’m reflecting on the week I feel like I’ve stayed on track. I had to go out to eat unexpectedly yesterday for a work thing, which threw off my plans of going out to eat today for a co-workers birthday. The old me would have just eaten out both times, but today I’m proud to say I found the strength to just go and enjoy the social time with everyone but I didn’t eat anything. When we got back to the office, I warmed up my Shrimp and Grits I brought yesterday for lunch and didn’t get to eat, and I felt pretty impressed with my will power to just stay on track.

Tomorrow is weigh in day, measurement day, etc. It’s unfortunately also the one week during the month where mother nature tends to add a few pounds regardless of your diet, so I’m nervous about that. But in the end, I can’t change human chemistry and I’ll just have to take that into consideration.

But before “judgement day” if you will, I’m reminding myself here of all the accomplishments I’ve had over the last four weeks. So if the results aren’t what I want them to be on this particularly misaligned day tomorrow – I can look back and say, way to go, Dre!

I have not yet missed a workout in 4 weeks. I have found a way to work it into my schedule, even if that meant getting up early or working out twice a day to still be able to teach my turbo class here at my gym. This means that I have consistently worked out for 6 days a week for a month. That is pretty impressive commitment.

I have noticed that my clothes are feeling better again, even if the number on the scale hasn’t budged as much as I would like. I’m starting to fit into some of my old clothes again, even then I weigh 15 pounds more than I did last time i wore them. This tells me that I’m adding lean muscle and this is a major PLUS as I know the weight will come off eventually if i keep working hard.

I have new found strength to push myself harder and longer than I would have before. I realize that I CAN do more when I just tell that negative voice in my head to take a hike. I can give total credit for this to myself because I’m literally alone in a tiny room with a small tv screen, bringing the energy and enthusiasm to my workout just for me. And i really feel like I deserve it.

Even when I don’t feel like working out – I do it anyway. No excuses. This is a change for me because I would talk myself out of workouts a lot before. But I’ve remained honest with myself, and I’m sure the consistency will pay off in the end.

Okay – I think this is a decent size list of things I’ve accomplished so far. So tomorrow, I’ll have official results – but I’m going to think of them as only a small portion of the big picture result, because in the end, how I’m feeling and the positive changes I’m making to my lifestyle are most important – way bigger than a number on a scale. And I know that I’ll get there eventually – good things come to those who work hard for them.

And you thought I was going to end it with a cliche. Tsk. Tsk.


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One response to “Tomorrow Might be a Different Story, but today….

  1. Not one missed work out in 4 weeks?! A month?! That is amazing! That is a HUGE accomplishment!!! =) You are such an inspiration! Now just remember these accomplishments when you go away for the weekend. :p

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