The Promise to Yourself

As I was talking to my TurboKick class participants yesterday, I said something that was sort of meant to be funny, but it really stuck with me as a TRUTH.

I was telling them about my TurboFIRE workout (summer push challenge!) and how on Tuesday’s it requires a double workout. I get up early in the AM to do my HIIT workout and then teach my Turbokick class after work. The last few weeks I’ve also been doing my Thursday workouts in the morning before work. I am definitely NOT a morning person, but this week marks my FOURTH week on the TurboFire program (12 weeks total)! So as I was telling them about all this, I said “The fact that I’m getting up in the morning and working out everyday on the weekends – it indicates to me that I’m serious about this workout. I mean, I’m in a long term, committed relationship with this workout.”

And they all laughed, but as I was driving home after class I started thinking about how true that statement is for people when they finally get serious about getting healthy. You can’t just put in the effort whenever you feel like it to get results.

So when I relate this to human relationships….the longer you date, the more serious it becomes and all of a sudden you find yourself in a committed relationship. The expectations are different from “just dating”, the time commitment is different, and most likely – you start considering the other person when it comes to making decisions. Eventually, that other person becomes a normal part of your daily routine, and it even feels weird without them.

When you find it within yourself to start living a healthier lifestyle – all of these things are true as well. The expectations of what you eat and how much you workout are totally different. Before you were serious about it, you might just workout once a week, or go on a hike and say you are an active person. You might not think twice about eating out several times a week or just putting things into your shopping cart without really checking out the nutritional facts.

But being in a serious, committed relationship with a healthier lifestyle is no joke. It really does require time and energy to make things happen -it’s just that – A Committment. And when you’ve been doing it long enough, it’s actually true that it feels weird when you don’t work out or think carefully about what you are eating. When my husband and I went to Mexico for our vacation – we both actually felt pretty terrible by the time we got home. We worked out a few times while there, but it was no match for the unlimited blended drinks and food available. I was so glad to be back and in a schedule with eating healthy and working out. I actually came back really sick from the trip – like my body just gave up because I wasn’t giving it the nutrients and exercise it needed to keep my immune system up.

Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself considering your workout schedule before you make plans for other things. You’ll start pre-thinking about your best options for healthy food (or at least not God-awful for you food choices) when you have a say in planning a celebration meal for someone at work, or when you bring a dish over for a party. Sometimes you will say no to doing something social that sounds really fun because it would mean not working out. Or you might find yourself going to crazy lengths like getting up early in the morning when you ARE NOT a morning person because you find that you actually CARE about your workout and making it fit into your life, even if that means you have to make changes.

Not sure if anyone else is seeing the connections between being in a serious committed relationship and being serious about getting healthy…it just seems so clear to me. I’ve said it before, but trying to get fit, lose weight, be healthy (whatever you want to call it) IS about making the relationship you have with YOURSELF a priority. No one else can do that for you. And you have to find what works for you (just like you have to find the right person for you in your dating life) in order to make it worth it.

So just like that old saying “there is someone out there for everyone” – I’m going to say “there’s a healthy lifestyle out there for you” and you have to decide to make it happen. You actually have to look for it, work for it, nurture it – just like any other relationship in your life. And chances are – you might not find the perfect scenario right away…you may try a few different options until you find something that really fits your personality.

I promise – it’s out there. But you have to be open to finding it and once you do – put a ring on it and promise yourself “I Do.”

Being in a healthy, happy relationship with yourself is a great first step.



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One response to “The Promise to Yourself

  1. It is so true… Fad diets are like making the rounds… those are the diet sluts… haha Healthy living is when you finally click with someone… and sometimes you have those moments where you are like “Wow, some things really bug me about this” but then you realize how great they really are for you and you can really overlook what makes you grumpy (like not getting to eat sweets all the time… bummer).

    I really love this post. It makes me super happy!

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