Your Visual Mantra

It’s only Tuesday and I’m just a few hours away from my third workout in two days. As I was doing my 25 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout this morning, I kept hearing Chalene’s voice on the video saying “You aren’t tired!” and I willed myself to believe her. There are definitely times during my week where I don’t feel like doing my workout, or eating “on plan.” But I have to remind myself that I am not tired, I am not a quitter, and I can do this.I have to be louder and more confident than that other nagging negative voice that took up residence in my subconscious years ago.

This sums it up pretty well for me!

I think sometimes just finding a positive mantra can be helpful to help you stay focused on your goals. When I’ve got sweat dripping down my nose, my hair is soaked and I’m really freaking ready to finished – I try to conjure up in my mind exactly what I’m fighting for, anyway. Why am I working this hard? And then it all floods back to me and I just keeping moving. I can’t be the old version of myself, there is no room for that person anymore. All the negative self-talk, the lack of confidence, the inability to stick with something – I’m done with her.

I have a little under 10 more weeks on this program as I’m just starting week 3. I am positive that I’m going to struggle with it – but there is a big difference between admitting weakness, and letting weakness win. So you have to prepare yourself for the ultimate fight. You know, the one against YOURSELF. I am 100% positive that the only reason I have failed in the past to meet my goals is because of me. That’s right – I have no one to blame except myself for not being the person I’ve wanted to be for so long. I’m going to guess this sounds familiar to some of you!

We are certainly our own worst enemy. No one can make me feel as bad about myself as I can. We’ve talked about it before, that tiny voice inside that won’t shut up. But one of the best things I’ve done to silence that voice is to just do something proactive about it. That little voice can’t convince me that I’m not strong enough to make it through my work outs – because I’m proving that theory wrong every day. And that voice can’t tell me that I’m never going to see results because I have already seen results. So I feel like i’m on my way, finally. Man, it took me awhile, but I’m hopeful this is it. This is the time in my life that I finally get it together and start living as the person I really want to be…on the inside and out.

And I try and remember that feeling of accomplishment and pride I have every  time I finish another workout. Particularly the ones that I felt like I didn’t want to start – once I’m finished I’m just so proud of myself for pushing through ANYWAY. It reminds me that I’m a fighter and that you know, I can use those superhero powers for good in my own life, too. 🙂

This week, my challenge to you is to come up with your own positive visual mantra. It might be a phrase or an affirmative statement – but I want you to associate it with a visual in your mind. For me, I picture myself as the confident and fit person who I know is waiting inside me. I picture myself as a healthy and active person who inspires other people to do the same. I picture myself as a role model to my friends and family. And it helps me get through those really tough moments when you just feel like hitting snooze one more time on the alarm. Or going home and watching tv instead of working out.

Wishing everyone an awesome week. Tomorrow is my one day off from working out – but I’ve got to earn it first in my TurboKick class tonight!





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2 responses to “Your Visual Mantra

  1. Whoo! I am trying to focus on the positive! Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed or afraid I am not making progress fast enough… but I know I can do it! I can’t wait to turn heads the next time I am out in Colorado. I will not be the same person as I was this trip. :p Already, my fiance’s family was noticing a difference. Not only had I lost weight, but I had also gained confidence… and that made me feel awesome.

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