Weekend Review – Making it happen

Proud to say that I stuck with my workouts all weekend long. It’s been a big change to have workouts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – but today starts my THIRD week of TURBOfire and I’ve completed every work out so far. YAY me!

So some big impacts that had over the weekend was just seeing that I could make it happen despite saying to myself “it’s the weekend, you deserve to relax” for so long. Instead I said to myself: ‘You worked so hard during the week – why stop now?” and that kept me going. I came home on Friday night and worked out immediately after playing with the pups. We had plans to go out to dinner with some friends and I felt a lot less guilty about going out to eat and having some wine because I had worked out hard before going.

On Saturday, I was EXHAUSTED after a semi stressful week and I slept in until about 10:30 am which felt AMAZING! I made myself some food at home, watched a TV show and then headed to the workout room for Core & Yoga workout. It’s probably my least favorite of the work outs because I struggle with the Yoga type things and I’m not really sure why. It’s just not my favorite, but I know it’s important to have variety. After that work out, I got ready to meet my friend for a bike ride. She’s starting to train for a sprint triathlon and i told her I’d be happy to ride with her. She just borrowed a road bike to train on – so we went for a quickish road ride. I logged about 5 miles before I met up with her and then we did just over 10miles, so that was a good extra workout! We ate at home on Saturday but ended up going over to a neighbors for a fire pit party and I probably had too much wine.

On Sunday, we got up early and drove down to see my parents for Mother’s Day. It’s a big family day at church and Mom said it would be nice if we were there, so it was nice to make her happy! She had wanted to try out this new restaurant for her special day and I made reservations for us – it’s basically a Brazilian steakhouse. Think meat and more meat. And then some more meat. Let’s just say I got my protein in yesterday.

The last thing on Earth I wanted to do after eating a big lunch and the 1.5 hour drive home was put on my workout clothes for a 45 minute cardio workout – but the hubs and I promised we would get our work outs in. Since it was raining, he jumped on the trainer and I pushed play on my dvr and just did it. I won’t say that I was excited about it, or that I pushed as hard as I usually do – but the lesson behind all this is that I kept my promise to myself and made it happen!

So I’m feeling like this was a pretty successful weekend – I really proved to myself that I CAN take the hour to workout on the weekends, even if it’s not my #1 favorite thing to do that day. I felt WAY less guilty about our eating out for 2 of the meals – because I wasn’t just vegging out the whole weekend on top of all those extra calories.

Pros so far:

1) My jeans are a bit looser!
2) The dress I wore to church on Sunday fit better than when I wore it on Easter
3) I can get through a workout even if I’m not feeling it – because finishing it felt way better than just giving up on the idea completely
4) 6 days of working out keeps me super hungry – so it’s not as hard to eat the amount of healthy calories my nutritionist prescribed
5) I actually have gotten up to do morning workouts when I have them scheduled. Who is this person!?

Cons so far:
1) Sometimes it’s hard to come home and decide to work out after a long day. When I go to the gym right after work, it’s easier to decide to work out.
2) I like group exercise because working out with a bunch of other people motivates me more – it’s hard sometimes to feel as inspired by just doing a video. But the video does come with a way to pump up the music so that helps out a lot!
3) Are my abs always going to be sore? 🙂

Alright – here’s to a productive THIRD week on my summer series challenge. Keep those workouts coming!



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2 responses to “Weekend Review – Making it happen

  1. That is awesome! I found no motivation over the weekend to do anything except clean. Some mother’s day! It’s always rewarding when your jeans loosen up…that is for sure!

  2. I like the way changing what you said to yourself made it possible to meet your goals. Training our thoughts may be the biggest challenge, but it’s also the biggest tool we have.

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