Results or Excuses? You Pick

Sorry about the pause in my blogging – I’m sure all of you were running to check your emails to see if I had written something yet 🙂

I’ve also been to the doctor three times this week. Right after the accident I “thought” i felt a twinge in my neck. But i figured that it would go away, no big deal.  It’s amazing how just a few seconds of your life can really have a major physical impact on your body. It’s super easy for me to see the impact of the accident in my scans because I had a scan done with my doctor back in October.  So when I’m looking at the two reports side by side, I feel like I’ve made a giant leap BACKWARD. 😦 Not happy about that. So i’m back to 3x a week now for 3 more weeks.

I just want to say that if you have an accident, even if it’s “minor” – you should probably go to a chiropractor and get checked out. I find enormous relief in going to my chiropractor just as a weekly part of my life – and am so glad that I have them to rely on during this process.  But not doing anything about it, or ignoring pain is a bad idea! It can have some pretty negative impacts down the road. So as part of my general wellness tips – I recommend chiropractic care to keep you feeling good and to help you improve…well, everything you do – from sitting at your desk, to playing sports, working out, sleeping ,etc. It helps.

So anyway – that is my pity party for today. Now I’m going to move on to the real purpose of my blog today.

No Excuses

Despite the accident, I’ve still been sticking with my Summer PUSH series. I told you in the beginning – no excuses, right? So i can’t hold you accountable if I can’t hold up my end of the bargain. I obviously have to modify some of the moves because I understood that it was not wise to be doing super high impact stuff right away. But I’ve been amazed at my calorie burn this week anyway. I really liked this pic I found – because it’s so true – you can’t have results if you aren’t willing to put the effort in.

I’m proud to say that I haven’t made any excuses for myself so far. I’m on week 2 – and I’m sticking to it.

As a quick recap:

Monday: I did 45 minutes (all in all, my workout was about 1 hour a 5 minutes due to warm up/cool down, 10 minute stretch) of cardio with the TURBOFire program, and even with keeping it low impact, I burned over 700 calories.

Tuesday: I had to do 2 works outs because I teach my TurboKick class in the evenings. I wore my bodybugg (calorie management system for those who haven’t heard of it) all day on Tuesday because I was curious to see how doing those short but intense workouts in the morning would impact my burn for the day. Would you believe me if I told you I burned 3671 calories on Tuesday? To put it in perspective, 1 “pound of fat” is 3500 calories. So I’d say that was a good day.

Wednesday: This is my one day off from working out, so I didn’t do anything super active. In fact, I was in my office working on my end of year reports and was in training for most the day. But yesterday I also wore my bodybugg to compare a workout day to a non work out day: 2482 was my calorie burn for a non-workout day. I think that’s pretty good.

Today: I did my workout this morning prior to work because i have after work plans (SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS!) so I’m curious to see what my calorie burn will be today with just 1 AM workout. So far, I’m at 1840 and it’s mid-afternoon. It’s so helpful to know how many calories I’m burning and then I can make sure I’m keeping my intake of calories in check. I guess we’ll see how it all works out tomorrow since it’s weigh in day.

I know that sometimes when you start a new workout plan, your weight can fluctuate up before it comes down – but man, i would really love to see some weight loss tomorrow. I feel like I’ve been so committed to staying on track. I’ll be sure to measure, too, because I know that the scale is just one form of measurement!

Bottom line is – you have to make yourself a priority – even if it’s just for one hour everyday. Heck, start with just 30 minutes if you need to. Don’t put YOU on hold to take care of other people. I promise that you will actually be more effective in everything else you do if you take care of yourself. You will feel better, have more energy and in general – be a happier person. So you pick – results or excuse?



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