Weekend Review: An Abrupt End

My weekend was going swimmingly well until about 9:30pm last night. It literally ended with a BANG.

As in, the sound of a car slamming into the back of my car. It’s been several years since i’ve been involved in a car accident, but despite being “older and wiser” the same feelings of anxiety and fear remained. Obviously the first thing was to make sure hubby was okay. He was driving and we were on our way home after at 7pm movie (Avengers by the way which was excellent). We came to a stoplight and the train was coming so the lights changed pretty quickly from green, yellow, red – all you local folks know what I mean!

We stopped, the person in the lane next us speed through the red light, and as I was commenting on how he ran the red light I heard a pop and all of a sudden my body lurched forward only to be snapped back by the seat belt (thank God for seatbelts!). It took a few moments for it to sink in – “we’ve  been hit!” It just was such a surprise and maybe that was for the best because I think when you know something is about to hit you, you would probably tense up a lot more.

Anyway, we got out of the car and checked with the lady in the other vehicle to see if she was okay, too. She immediately started apologizing and told us she was insured. So at least there is that.

I was a little sore, but mostly just tense from all the drama and when I went to look at the back of my car, I just burst into tears. My poor car. It’s my first car that i bought new, and it’s only a 2010. Plus, it’s like my favorite car in the world. I am ridiculous and name my cars – so his name is Barry (Yes, like Barry Manilow) and all I could think about what how sad I was for my car to be totally smashed in. Obviously, I know that our safety is most valuable – but it seemed easier to cry about the car at the time.

Anyway – it was a long night and a terrible way to end my otherwise lovely weekend. I exercised both Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I guess i’m going to have to keep things pretty low impact this week. I wasn’t going to go to the doctor, but my neck hurt last night and i thought it’d feel better this morning. Instead, it felt worse and I kept getting a worse and worse headache. So I called my chiropractor and asked if i could come get checked out. We had to file all this personal injury report stuff – so that was a pain. They did xrays and some scans and stuff, so I should be able to see those results this week. After an adjustment, my headache feels a lot better. The doc said my neck was not happy.

It’s crazy how in just a few seconds – something like that can happen. We are so lucky that we both walked away from it. And I know that a car can be fixed, replaced, etc – and there is no way that you can replace the people you love in your life. So I’m sending up a “thank you” to the Big Guy upstairs for keeping us safe.

Hopefully I’ll be able to stay on track this week with my TurboFire, even if I have to tone it down a lot as I’m continuing to see the doc about my neck.

I desperately hope everyone’s week got off to a better start than mine! I promise to coming bearing good tidings next blog post!



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2 responses to “Weekend Review: An Abrupt End

  1. I’m so happy you guys are ok! I hate Charlotte drivers. I swear whenever I go through a yellow and think “Maybe I shouldn’t have gone,” three cars go through the light. I see people run red lights every day. It’s so dangerous! I hope they can fix Barry up and that your neck is OK.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I am so glad you are OK!!! That is so scary. And I totally get you about the car… my fiance and I were in a car accident a few months ago… we were both saved but our car was totaled. =( I cried. We loved that car. So many happy memories were in that car…

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