Summer Push Workout: Day 2!

This is great motivation for starting the week off right!

So this morning marks my SECOND workout in my summer push series. I am awarding major props to myself because I actually got up EARLY to work out this morning.

For those who don’t really know me, I am the opposite of a morning person. Secretly (not so secretly since I’m sharing it in this most public forum, I suppose), I desperately wish to be a morning person. Everything in my life points toward “you should be a morning person.” But alas, I am not. And somehow, as I’ve gotten older – I’m not even a night owl anymore. I think I just stay busy so much that I feel  tired basically all the time! lol That sounds worse than it really is.

Anyway, I digress from my original point!

So I started TurboFire this week. For those that don’t know much about it – it’s a home workout program that is basically 6 days a week. A mix of cardio, core, toning/sculpting that weave the concept of high intensity interval training throughout the work outs. The idea is that when you push yourself to an anaerobic state for short period of times, you will have longer fat burning periods after the work out.

Last night was my first work out. It was a 30 minute “Fire” workout that seemed like a charged up TurboKick class which I love! We did 2 1 minute “fire drills” which pushed you to a breathless state if you did them right, and then right back into the regular cardio kickboxing moves from TurboKick. Since I knew i only had to go for 30 minutes – I really pushed myself. I was literally dripping sweat by the end of the 30 minutes and super glad that I don’t have carpet in my spare “work out” room.

It ended with a 10 minute “Stretch” class…just basic stuff. Stretching out your legs, back, arms, etc. It’s good because I often don’t take enough time to stretch after my workouts. For my Monday night workout, I wore my bodybugg – and i burned 578 calories! Pretty awesome.

This morning it was a 15 HIIT workout – which again, is the High Intensity Interval Training. So it was 3 thirty second drills that were really high intensity (of course). But you had to do each drill 3 times. So 9 drills total. It was pretty intense, especially at 6:30 in the morning when I prefer to be sleeping.

BUT – it was 15 minutes well spent. I got my sweat on and it also helped me make a big dent on my water intake for the day! After the 15 HIIT, I had the same 10 minute stretch to do – so just 25 minutes this morning and I was on my way to getting ready for work. I burned 274 calories doing this workout this morning which I thought was pretty good for only 15 minutes of intense working out. But I’m hopeful that it jump started my metabolism for the rest of the day.

I’m already sore – but not sure from which workout, or just a combo of the 2. But I’m going to be taking it up a notch again tonight because I’m teaching a TurboKick class at the gym at 5:30.

Good thing tomorrow is my rest day – I have a feeling I’ll need it before hitting it again on Thursday!

One thing I dig so far about this structured work out plan is that there is no guessing what I’ll do for my workout – it’s all laid out for me. All i have to do is push play and be ready to push myself. That is something I can handle! Plus having 3 workouts right in a row between TurboFire & my class I teach is a great start to the week.

I’m not sure about you – but I always feel better when I can start my week off being on track with food and exercise…it sets a good tone for the rest of the week!



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4 responses to “Summer Push Workout: Day 2!

  1. I am also the opposite of a morning person and wish that I could change that! I love reading your blog…it inspires me to stay active!!

  2. Turbo fire looks awesome. I just don’t have a great spot in my house to do it. Keep it up!

  3. sweetopiagirl

    Reblogged this on InspiredWeightloss!.

  4. Whoo Hoo! That’s awesome!! =D Great start to the week… I can imagine you are going to feeling amazing by the end of the first week… or utterly exhausted… one of the two!

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