Weekend Review

My weekend was great! I got to see one of my favorite people this weekend…well actually 3 of my favorite people all at once which is rare! I helped host a baby shower on Saturday and I skipped lunch because I knew i would just end up snacking on foods there anyway – so I feel like I evened out there. I didn’t go overboard or anything.

I also got up and met a new bike group near my house this Saturday morning. There were only 4 of us, and we ended up biking about 18 miles. It was a cloudy morning and we were nervous about rain the whole time, but we didn’t have any troubles. I felt like I could keep up with this new group, no problem. I even made a friend during the trip who said she would like to ride sometime outside the group – so that was cool. Not that I really have any more time in my life for additional rides, but hopefully she’ll be at the next group ride and we  can chat.

We had our cheat meal on Saturday night – enjoyed some Mexican food. I ordered the smaller version of my entree and I walked away feeling full, but not stuffed. Check!

Adventure to Grocery Store

I slept in on Sunday and we made our first trip to the grocery store on our bikes. A few weeks back I found a free “pet buggy” to add on to your bike – and we thought it would be awesome to put groceries in instead. The store isn’t that far from our house, so we had a little adventure. It worked out nicely, and made us think twice about what we REALLY needed to buy since we my husband had to literally pull it home. Another plus – ice cream would be difficult to bring back since it’s pretty hot out already. A plus in the sense that I don’t have to deal with another distraction at home!

We did a bit of house cleaning and played with the pups. Spent most the rest of the afternoon working outside on our little deck garden. Our plants are growing nicely. We even had a cute little neighborhood kid stop by to sell us tomato plant root systems – so we thought, why not! So now we’re hoping to have some home grown tomatoes this season.

I tried out this new drink I found at the store. I bought it more as a joke, but it was actually pretty good.But one giant can is all you need, I promise!I won’t be drinking this on a regular basis, it was more a one time thing, or something you could bring to a party for some laughs. Plus, it has a few more calories than I prefer if I’m drinking something labeled “bud light.”

Yes, I'm for real.


We cooked out some food on the grill and overall, had a pretty chill weekend. I spent some time  getting my gym room all “ready” for my new workout program that I’ll start tonight after work. I have been working on pumping myself up for it all weekend. So i’m excited to start it, but nervous about the major commitment of 6 days a week.

Today starts our summer schedule group exercise schedule, so I’ll be teaching TurboKick on  Tuesdays now. So Tuesday will be my only day that i’ll HAVE to do 2 a day workouts. Hopefully I can manage!

Overall, pretty decent weekend – I keep waiting for summer to start like it’s going to be a vacation when I know in reality – that will never happen again. 🙂 But a girl can dream!


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  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend! =D And I love your pink margarita glasses… I am so excited for summer. I know I have to work and all… but man, I LOVE swimming and road trips… and you just can’t have a really good road trip unless all the windows are down and there is life everywhere!

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