Going the extra mile…

Going the extra mile...

We found a free “doggy” carrier that can be attached to a bike a few weeks ago. We had been on the hunt for something like this so we could start riding our bikes to the grocery store as it’s only a few miles away. We finally made our first “trip to the store” today with our new pink buggy. It was a little scary and we decided to do some “structural upgrading” for next time. What can you do over the weekend to go the extra mile in your workout? It doesn’t have to be a crazy work out – just turn one normal thing into something that will burn more calories!


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April 29, 2012 · 7:39 pm

One response to “Going the extra mile…

  1. I didn’t do very well going the extra mile this weekend… Oops. It was a pretty lazy weekend. haha But that is awesome! What a great idea! We are hoping to get bikes sometime this summer… depends on when my surgery is going to be. Gosh darn surgery!

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