Planting the seeds for change

Recently, my husband and I decided we’d get serious about growing some herbs and veggies in our yard. We tried a few years ago and weren’t really successful. Most likely because we forgot to water them and you know – plants and herbs need water to live. 🙂 We just weren’t fully committed to the idea.

This time – our herbs are flourishing for the most part.

Grow, basil, grow!

Actually, I should have taken a picture of our cilantro this morning because it is growing crazy-like (yes, that’s a word in my dictionary). I’m so excited for it to be ready for us to eat! It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you take a little time to do some research, buy the right materials and allow yourself some time to nurture the plants.

I’m guessing that a few years ago, we weren’t really ready for a garden. Even just the few items we’re trying to grow now is a bit of effort. Bringing them in at night when it’s too cold, making sure they have enough water and sunlight. Researching to see when it’s time to move them to their own bigger space – it’s a lot to consider.

But for whatever reason – it’s different this time. I actually care about the plants succeeding. I find myself stepping outside onto our deck where our plant boxes are hanging to check on all the plants almost every morning and evening. If I didn’t know myself, I would think that I actually sort of enjoy this venture into mini gardening. But seeing the work pay off and watching the plants grow is the ultimate success. I’ve actually never eaten a plant or vegetable that I (as in MY hands) helped grow. Weird, huh?

So…right. This blog is not about gardening. And well, this post isn’t actually about the wonders of gardening either. This blog and this post are actually about making a change in your life. It’s eerily similar to gardening as I’ve described here.

When you want something to HAPPEN in your life – making that decision is just the first part. But there is much more to actually bringing to life that decision – you have to do your research, you might have to spend some time and money to get the resources and materials you need to be successful. And you certainly have to believe that your investment of time and energy is worth the end result.

Furthermore, you have to be willing to admit that despite all the time and energy you put into bringing your decision to life – it may take longer than you expected to see growth or change. You might even run into some duds along the way. Seeds don’t always bear fruit, right? (more gardening metaphors to come – get excited)

Earlier this week, I challenged you to push yourself out of your comfort zone – pick something more intense to commit to  for the summer months and GO! So this is how you get there. If you made that decision – this post is about the process of making your goal a reality.

Now is time to start the real work. If you’ve selected something that you want to challenge yourself with – do your research. What’s it going to take? Do you need new shoes? Do you need to get some weights for your house? Do you need to join the gym or buy a video online?

Figure it out and then do it.

Next: this is also the time to start blocking off time for YOU to work on your challenge. You need TIME to do the hands on work that your challenge will require. Look at your schedule – figure out when you are going to fit this new thing into your life.

Don’t just get excited about it and then do nothing with the momentum. Schedule it into your real life. Right now. Do it. (I’ll wait.)

I’ve already scheduled the next four weeks of my daily workouts on my calendar. Will I make every single one of them happen exactly as I’ve scheduled? Probably not 100% – but will it be easier to say no to doing something else that conflicts with my work out schedule because it’s ALREADY there? Of course. I would literally have to delete my workout from my calendar to put something else there instead. That helps me think twice about planning other things in my life. My workouts are on the calendar…so it’s almost like I come first. Wow.

Life has a way of giving you obstacles no matter how motivated you are in the beginning. Expect the bumps, expect other people to not get you or why you want to do it. Expect there to be more tempting offers along the way of ways you can use your time. All of these things will happen.

But if you can put the time into growing this decision into a real life action – nothing can get in the way of you seeing results in your own life. That’s a promise.

I’m just as guilty as the next person of getting amped up and then losing my steam. That’s why I’m trying to do the hard work right now – mentally, so i can be in a good head place next week when the physical challenge starts.

This is your journey, this is your life. It’s your body, your mind, your soul. What are you doing to help it grow into something you are proud of? Believe it – you are worth the time, effort and expense.

And…last gardening metaphor of the day, I promise:  “You reap what you sow.”




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One response to “Planting the seeds for change

  1. I wish I didn’t have the thumb of death! I try really hard… but plants hate me so much that they’d rather die than drink their water! =( I love this post! It is so true… you really can’t just say you are going to do something… you actually have to do something to make it work! =D

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