Weekend Review & Refocusing


I had a fun weekend. So i guess it is obvious that I didn’t stay totally on track with my eating and exercise. I am excited for the weekends when I say – I had a fun weekend AND I worked out and ate on track. I feel like I have those maybe once a month. We had a friend birthday dinner on Friday which I did okay and only ordered one  drink. Of course we had a few drinks later that night at their house – but I felt like I wasn’t going crazy or anything. Dog training first thing on Saturday (we practiced the art of having my dogs not charge the door when visitors come – that was fun) and then I had a senior brunch to celebrate my lovely Phi Mu gals who are graduating this May at my alma mater. I serve in an advisor role for my chapter – and it was nice to see them and hear about their exciting plans for after graduation. BUT – it was like an alien person took over my body. Not only did I indulge in mimosas but I also had a cinnamon roll that some evil person (I won’t mention names) had unwrapped and put BACON inside of it. And yes, it was strangely delicious. Somehow my plate also ended up with bacon on it. Because you know – bacon IN the cinnamon roll wasn’t enough. Then God must have sent someone down to deliver some mac-n-cheese because it was the best I’ve ever had. Oh, and there was a breakfast casserole, too.


I was so sick afterwards. And rightfully so – when in the WORLD do i eat things like that? You are right, my friends. Next to never. I didn’t think I was going to make it home after that grease fest. Yes, it tasted so good going down – but afterward was not so fun. I felt sort of sickly for the rest of the afternoon. I had a salad for dinner – so at least I wrapped up the day on an up note. It rained for almost all freaking day on Sunday – so we weren’t able to go to the Bark in the Ballpark event with the dogs. Our good friends who just had a baby a few months ago called us up and asked us to lunch. We hadn’t planned on eating out on Sunday – but it had been so long since we’d seen them, it was an obvious yes. I skipped breakfast and had a crab cake sandwich and fries for lunch. With mimosas. They were $3 and I’m such a sucker for a deal on mimosas.

I was so tired after we came back to the house. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Was it the rain? Was it the pound of lard i ate the day before? I don’t know. But I was not very productive the rest of the day. We did cook at home for dinner – the hubby made this AMAZING steak thing on the grill. He took a few pictures – so I’ll try to post the recipe/instructions so you can share in the deliciousness (and it wasn’t super unhealthy, either!)

So now that i’ve reviewed and admitted all my terrible secrets to you….it’s time to get refocused for this week.


  • Drink at least 3 nalgene’s of water per day(this sounds better than how many ounces that really is)
  • Work out every work day this week and one time over the weekend (this may require some lunch time work outs to manage this)
  • Start prepping to start TurboFIRE next week!!! *make sure I’ve laid out the schedule, have the work out room ready at home*
  • Skip out on any work goodies offered this week so I can be on track to lose weight this week – BMOS (bring my own snacks!)




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4 responses to “Weekend Review & Refocusing

  1. Oh boy… Deadly weekend! But at least you had a fun time minus the not feeling well part. =( It is crazy how our bodies change and how food can not only affect how it works but also your mood too. I know I feel completely wiped out when I eat a lot of sugary foods. I don’t even really get sugar highs… I just get really depressed, guilty and sick. haha

    And I am a little clueless… what’s TurboFIRE? haha

    • Yes – deadly weekend is a good description! And you are right – my body doesn’t react nicely to not so healthy food anymore. You think i’d learn!

      Turbofire is a home workout program. It’s through the beachbody program – I’m a coach for them, so i sell the products…but mainly, i use the products. It’s a cardio/dance sort of thing. I teach TurboKick classes at my gym, so turbo fire is an amped up version!

  2. I never feel sick after overeating. I always wonder if I did, if I would be better about not overeating. I’m not sure. Are you doing Turbofire at home, or is the West Center doing it?

    • hey Jill – well, i still make bad decisions even though i feel terrible after. lol

      I’m doing TurboFire at home – i’m not sure if the West center is going to do any summer program or not. I know we’ll have classes (starting next week with the schedule) – but unsure if there will be insanity again. That would be awesome though!

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