Weekend Review

I’ve been a little slow to post my weekend review – just because I lot of other things have been going through my mind today – but I promised a weekly update on my weekend goings-about for accountability purposes…so here it goes!

This weekend was pretty low-key event wise of us which was a nice change of pace. I did indeed get up and meet the bike group on Saturday morning at 8am for a 20 mile bike ride. So I kept my word and I’m glad I did it even though I was really nervous about being out on the bike again after such a long time out of the saddle. That meant that Friday night was really low key for me – I ate dinner earlier than normal and simply microwaved one of our meals we had prepared earlier in the week. I did allow myself to have a glass of red wine with dinner.

I went to bed pretty early so I wouldn’t have any excuses about not wanting to get up early for the bike ride. When the alarm went off on Saturday morning – I think I was full of nervous energy and popped right out of bed to get ready for the ride. I am not sure why going on group rides make me so nervous still – I know that I can ride a bike and I’m not terrible at it although there is much room for improvement. I hope to get over it sooner than later.

Okay, so this is not me on a 20 mile bike ride, but don't I make riding a tricycle look fun?

In terms of meals for the weekend – we ended up eating out quite a bit. I really need to work back in to either grocery shopping on Friday so that we have food in the house, or buying a few extra meals on our Sunday shopping trips so that I have something healthy to eat on the weekend. But I was proud of myself because when I went to grab lunch after I returned from the bike ride and finished cleaning the house – I picked a salad versus a fast food option. Go me!

After lunch, it was time to meet up with our dog training. We are on the next to last training session and we spent the entire session walking both of my dogs. So I felt like I got in another mini workout! For dinner – the hubs and I went to one of our favorite local bars and I didn’t make the best choices. We split some fried pickles ( I KNOW! I know. All I can do is shake my head at myself and tell you that they were super tasty). But instead of getting full on fried food – I did order a grilled chicken sandwich. So that is somewhat redeeming, right?

For some reason, after dinner and some hangout time – I was ready to crash by 9:30. I can’t believe I went to bed at 9:30 on  a Saturday. But as my husband and I were sitting outside on our deck (our most favorite spot during nice weather), he had a nice little fire going since it was a tad bit chilly and we didn’t get a chance to really use any of our firewood this mild winter – I was soaking in the heat and felt my eyes closing until I was practically sleeping in my chair. The hubs told me he wasn’t surprised I was so exhausted since I got up without complaint at 7 in the morning to go on a 20 mile bike ride. He said the energy it must have taken for me NOT to complain about waking up early on a weekend was enough to drain me for the rest of the day. 🙂 So I just went to bed and enjoyed it.

On Sunday, we decided to check out a new place for breakfast/brunch. It’s called Toast and we’d heard about it because they have another location but it was sort of far away from our house. They just opened a new location closer to us – so we decided to go for it. It was super tasty. I got a black bean benedict with hashbrowns. While I’m sure this wasn’t the healthiest option on the menu, it didn’t seem like the worst option either. Especially when my inner fat kid was drooling over a side of bacon (DIDN’t order it!). We spent the day doing some shopping but buying nothing and it was sort of fun. I met up with some friends and had a coffee and a scone that I regret ordering but since I didn’t eat lunch I was starving.

Dinner was off the grill at home – we did crab cakes and grilled asparagus. Tasty and pretty healthy, too. But once again, that bottle of wine needs to just be like 2 servings because I can’t make good eating decisions when I have more than that. *sigh* We ended up going out for TCBY frozen yogurt for dessert. After I ate it, I immediately felt sick and mad at myself.

Writing these weekend reviews is painful for me – because I have to come clean about all my missteps and I hate KNOWING what my problem is because that means I have no excuse to not make a change.

Time and time again – my issue circles back to having one too many drinks and making a bad eating decision. So obviously, I see the problem.Next weekend, I’m going to assert all my will power to limit my drinking to 2 drinks max because that tends to be a place where I still am making good, healthy decisions. No pain, no gain – right? It’s healthier (although admittedly, not as fun) and will help me get to my goal more quickly.

Anyone have any good ideas for still feeling fancy at a party but not drinking unnecessary calories? Apparently, I’m at a loss for ideas.

Until tomorrow!




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3 responses to “Weekend Review

  1. I am glad you are able to write your weekend down! I think it really does help…and I know you will eventually get there where you can say no to greasy fried food, and say yes to some fresh roasted veggies instead! I am glad you have been really active though!

    As for drinking, I would just have one drink and milk it for as long as possible if you really don’t feel comfortable just drinking water. =)

  2. Virginia

    I, too, spend too many calories on booze, which then leads to even poorer food choices. In the warmer months, I cut white wine with club soda making wine spritzers. It’s more refreshing, while still retaining most of the flavor.

    I’ve also been surprised at the power of glassware. For me, it’s not about the booze but about having a nice moment (with myself, with my significant other, with my friends). Drinking my LaCroix out of the can is boring and every day. Drinking my La Croix in a wine glass with a few raspberries thrown in is a classy, grown-up affair. Treating my everyday beverage like a grown-up treat tricks my mind enough, most of the time.

    And sometimes, only wine will do…

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