I’m not perfect, just awesome (or something).


So, if you didn’t guess by the amazing picture – I’m feeling good today. Not perfect, just awesome. Because I lost a pound this week and that means I’m finally making some forward progress. In the grand scheme of things I’m about 5 pounds down. 25 to go…but at least this is forward progress after what seemed like an endless cycle of lose/gain. I love the feeling of meeting your goal. Even if it’s just one goal of many – it’s still a success. I know I’m going to continue to have ups and downs on this journey, but I just have to remember how awesome it feels to work hard and see the result.

Last night in my turbo class – I also felt pretty great for the first time in awhile; again – not perfect, just awesome! Sure, I was sweating it out – but I had energy and was able to push myself and my class. We had a great workout. It’s a whole other level of responsibility when you are TEACHING the workout vs. just going to work out. Sometimes it’s funny because I feel like I can push myself harder when I’m not teaching because I don’t have to worry about the ability to cue and talk as I’m jumping around. So I guess both types of experiences are challenging. You should try it sometime during a workout at home – you’ll see what I mean. Just trying to talk and give everyone a heads up about what’s next is a level of coordination I never thought I’d reach. As I’m losing these pounds again, I know I’m going to keep feeling even better (i.e. more awesome) during my workouts as I can push myself to go harder than before.

Some of my “Keep Focused” thoughts for the weekend:

1) After work I’m going to go home and take both of my dogs for a nice long walk. It’s good for them, good for me and changes things up a bit. Plus, I rarely get to enjoy the weather in the evenings because I go to the gym and workout inside. Don’t get me wrong – i heart the gym but I’m excited about some outdoor time.

2) We already ate out this week – so tonight we’ll be eating dinner at home. That is a plus because I can keep my calories in control and not start off the weekend with some crazy meal.

3) I’m trying to pump myself up to join the 8am 20 miler bike ride tomorrow from the bike shop nearby. Since it’s been awhile since i’ve been on my road bike – I feel like this first ride is going to kill me so I keep putting it off. Plus, I’ll admit I’m always nervous to go on a bike ride when my husband isn’t with me. Sappy and unawesome of me, I know. But I feel like he will always be there to help me if I’m struggling and that is a nice feeling. But since he works on Saturdays – this isn’t going to happen. I need to dig deep and just be courageous and GO. I’m never going to be ready to bike 40 miles by the end of the summer if i don’t get back on the bike soon. Perhaps sharing my goal to join the ride tomorrow with you will keep me accountable for going.

4) We don’t have any major pre-planned social events this weekend. So I’m hoping we can stay on track and not go crazy. I think it’s safe to say we’ll go out for food at least once this weekend, so I just need to decide right now that wherever we go, I’m going to try and make a BETTER decision than i normally would. It’s unrealistic for me to swear I’ll never eat out – I’ve tried and failed. But it’s NOT unrealistic for me to work toward making better decisions when we do go out.

Alright – I’m feeling focused and well, hungry. Mid morning snack time, I suppose. Did you know that skipping meals actually has a negative impact on your weight loss and overall health? You should eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism at full speed. This also says to your body “Yo, I’m going to feed you – don’t store all my fat.” Or something like that. 🙂

Have an awesome and active weekend!



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  1. Whoo hoo!! Congrats on the pound loss!! And totally do the bike ride. If you are going to feel guilty not doing it, then feel awesome and give it a go! =D

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