To be honest with you…

Even though I sort of dislike it when people say “honestly” or  “To be honest with you…” when starting out a conversation. My thought is – do you normally say dishonest things to me so much that you need to preface your statement with “to be honest with you…?”

Then, I’m fighting myself this morning as I sit here to write this post/update because I really feel like it should start out, “To be honest with you…” because, well – it just FEELS right to say that in these conditions. So forgive me this once, and I’ll promise to only do it a few more times in the future. 🙂


To be honest with you, I’m nervous about weigh in day tomorrow. I think the honesty phrase works here here because I always have high hopes of inspiring people with my blog vs. sharing my insecurities. So admitting that I’m nervous is just be being up front and real with you – what if i don’t lose weight tomorrow? What if when I measure, I don’t see any progress? I’m just insecure about it and really going over in my head all the little mistakes I’ve made this week that may keep me from reaching my goal of seeing a decreased number tomorrow morning.

Here are some mistakes I made, and I share these so that if tomorrow comes and I haven’t been successful (as I’ve defined it: losing weight) then I can look at this list and learn from it so I can be better next week:

1) The end of my weekend was not as good as it could have been calorie wise. I had more beers (even though they were light) than I should have and I gave in to the temptation of ordering Chinese food. The “way to go” side of this is I ate significantly less of the Chinese food than I normally would and my beer was light instead of full calorie.

2) Stupid Chinese leftovers – I should have just thrown them away immediately instead of letting that tiny temptress of a box stay in my fridge. Of course I had a few more bites over the last few days. Fail!

3) A co-worker brought in hummingbird cupcakes to work yesterday and I indulged in one.

3a) Normally, I wouldn’t worry so much about it – but I didn’t get a work out in yesterday because it’s typically my day off since I teach an academic class in the evenings on

4) I allowed myself to have a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich after dinner last night even though I already had something sweet (See #3). I really need to be better about keeping the sweets to a minimum.

5) I also went out to eat on Tuesday (which is okay to eat out minimally) – we had Mexican food because it’d been so long since we could enjoy some chips and salsa (my fav). BUT on the good side of this, instead of ordering my usual fat girl burrito, I ordered 3 soft tacos with just the meat, cilantro and onion. So that was a BETTER bad decision, right?

So – alone, these things don’t sound bad. I know that. But it’s making the little tiny mistakes each day that add up to not staying on track with your goals. It’s like I’ve said before – every decision does count. I know that today is my last chance to do things right – and so far I’m on track. Healthy breakfast, drinking my water. Had plain coffee with my low fat/low sugar creamer. Tonight I’m teaching TurboKick at the gym, so I know it’ll be a good workout.

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow to be good news. But….honestly, I guess only time will tell.



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2 responses to “To be honest with you…

  1. I also HATE that phrase, and think it is very counterproductive. I am sure you will be great tomorrow!

  2. Just remember, it isn’t the end of the world… I know we feel like a million bucks when the scale reads a happy number, but just know in so many cases you did succeed… you didn’t eat a chinese buffet, you only had one cupcake instead of 2… you ate a skinny cow ice cream and not a hot fudge sundae, and I know you still had a very active weekend last week! You are making changes to a healthier life. You aren’t going to be 100% on par..because then you aren’t really enjoying life either. So I am proud of you regardless of what the scale says! I know you will learn from your mistakes and kick even more butt next week!

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