My Adventurous Weekend

As promised, here’s my weekend review.

This is not my picture, but this was basically what it felt like!

The good news is, my weekend was a little more interesting than usual so hopefully it won’t be as boring to read about. I mentioned last week about the importance of planning some “active” events for the weekend to keep me on track with my goals. So on Friday, we went with a local Parks & Rec group to do a Moonlight Paddling Trip on the Catawba River. I’m semi afraid of open water – but only if i have to get IN it, I am not so afraid just to be on the open water in a boat. But this was my first time every being in a single person kayak (thus responsible for my own “stay-right-side-up” abilities). I’m a strong swimmer, but I think being in a river at night would probably push me over the calm and collected threshhold. I was glad we were required to wear life jackets. 🙂

They went over some basic techniques with us. I failed right off the bat by not holding my paddle correctly during our test. But after a few handy tips, I was ready to roll (or paddle). Good thing, since my kayak was the “example” kayak the instructor used – so I got to be the first one in the water. Actually, this immediately caused a bit of a panic because I like to watch other people do things before I have to do them. For most of my life, I haven’t been able to really do that because my last name started with “A” so i always almost always first. Unfortunately, we didn’t go in alpha order for the paddling trip (because my married name gives me the comfort of being mid alphabet). Oh well, here goes nothing, right? I just went for it and before I knew it i was out on the river paddling my little heart out trying to “stay close” as directed. I kept feeling like i would never figure out how to turn the boat around for me to be heading in the right direction. But I felt better as  I watched other people struggle with that, too. By the end of the night, I was feeling a lot better about controlling my direction and turning the boat with different paddle strokes. It wasn’t an intense workout, but it felt nice to be doing something NEW and active instead of just going out to dinner somewhere. I think my hubby and I may go on a few more of these types of trips. We had fun!

I got to see both sides of my family this weekend for the Easter holiday which was nice. Unfortunately, they both came bearing gifts of chocolate – and I wasn’t as disciplined as I should have been – i think I ate a billion jelly beans and dozens of those mini eggs that are sort of like giant m&m’s. They are just so tasty. And my niece packed us a bag of candy from her goodies from the Easter bunny to share with me and my hubby – how can you say no to that little angel?

We went out to eat twice this weekend – with my parents on Saturday and then we got food to-go last night for dinner. We did a barbeque place on Saturday which was a nice change up from my families normal choice (Mexican) – and while I can’t say i ordered something healthy, I can say that it wasn’t gigantic fried. It also served as two meals that day since I didn’t really eat lunch due to meeting our dog trainer in the park.

For lunch on Sunday we met up with the hubby’s family and we all brought something. Since it was sort of last minute, it was mostly a prepared food sort of lunch with a delicious ham. But I did pretty well, had a good mix of protein, veggies and starch and we didn’t have dessert. However, I did end up indulging in a few beers on Sunday when we got home after shopping. It was a beautiful day and we were enjoying the porch. I believe that having 3 beers instead of 2 pushed me over the edge on eating something healthy for dinner. We ended up indulging in Chinese food because it had been almost 2 months since we had any. BUT, the place asked us “small, medium or large combo” and so we said “small” not really knowing what that meant. When we picked it up – i was pleasantly surprised, it was a really small container of chicken and a really tiny amount of rice. So while I’m sure we could have eaten healthier – I felt like the portion size was good because i didn’t eat all of the small order. YAY me. Baby steps, right?

Imagine me zooming through this scenery.

For my last adventure – I went for my first mountain bike ride on Sunday afternoon with my hubby. He is super into bikes and is signed up for a race series that starts next week. It’s his favorite pastime and probably his favorite thing to spend money on – so I was hoping I wouldn’t be a disappointment to him on my first ride. We went to a park that has a few different trails, and of course we went on the easier of the trails. The first time I went through, I think i got off for the majority of hills and climbs over rocks, etc. It was semi-terrifying. The 2nd time through, I only got off the bike twice. The third time through, even though I kept trying to slow down a lot, I didn’t get off the bike at all – just kept going and did the hills/climbs and even climbed over a rock garden which i think my husband was impressed with!

I decided to end it on a high note after the third go round…but I’m excited about trying some other trails. Not excited about falling for the first time – which I know will happen sooner or later. 🙂

So I’m off to a good start think week – the big goal this week is to stay on track: eat right, and get my workouts in and (drum roll please)…hopefully a lesser number on the scale than last week come Friday.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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  1. YAY!! =D That sounds like an amazing weekend… I really want to do that kayaking thing! I love kayaking but haven’t done it in ages… such a nice arm work out! The fiance and I are actually going to be investing in bikes hopefully this summer after my surgery… I can’t wait! Keep up the good work!

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