If you really wanted to get excited, you could buy yourself this magnet.

Lost 2.2 pounds this week. That sounds like I’m back on track to me!

I worked hard for it this week, by eating right (not eating out!) and exercising. Slow and steady wins the race, let’s keep this streak going. What are you happy about today?



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3 responses to “Accomplishment!

  1. HURRAY!!! =) Congrats!

    Today I am happy about…running faster and longer than I have in awhile! =) And getting ready for Easter weekend with friends and family! whoo!

  2. Awesome, Dre! Yay you!

  3. Yes Yay You! Did you ever see 2 lbs of fat? It’s more than you can hold in both of your hands. It’s huge! I also lost 2 lbs this week. And I was thrilled- that’s part of the motivation- staying excited. I am very proud of us! Today I’m happy that you are out there blogging about your results- it motivated me!

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