The Freakin’ Weekend – gonna have me a…walk?

I have been having a good week workout and food wise. While I probably haven’t eaten ALL the food I was supposed to eat (it seems impossible to eat enough servings for fruit, meat and vegetables sometimes), I haven’t had any major cheat moments and I’ve been consistent with my workouts. Yesterday, I signed up for this lunch session at work that taught us about par Coeur’, a popular exercise that is environmentally supported as it takes place outside. This exercise model consists of a moderate level of aerobic and strength work for both novices to advanced and anyone in between.

I don’t normally get a chance to workout on Wednesdays because I teach an academic class in the evening so there’s just not enough time in the day. So it was fun to take my lunch and do something quick and new. I would say that the lunch time par Coeur’ was super simple, but it got my heart rate up a few times and got me moving. I wore my bodybugg and I burned about 200 calories in 35-40 minutes, so that isn’t terrible for not getting super sweaty. I figured little things along the way add up. I unfortunately sit at my desk and eat both my breakfast and my lunch during the day…so anytime I can get out of the office and do something is good!

In an effort to keep my weekends on track, my hubby and I signed up for this moonlight paddling trip tomorrow. Instead of going out to eat, or meeting people for drinks – we’ll be meeting up with a local recreational group for a 2 hour trip on the lake. We are also planning to meet up with some friends to hit a mountain bike trail early on Sunday morning before we connect with his family for Easter service and lunch. It will be my first mountain bike experience (i’m more of a road cyclist) so I’m half excited/half scared that I’m going to break something.

Don't be this person.

It seems that having a game plan for at least my exercise is a good idea when it comes to the weekend. I don’t want to plan out every little detail of every weekend (I do that enough Monday-Friday) – but if i don’t have exercise or some sort of activity built into my schedule for the weekend, I tend to just sit around and do nothing. So if you also struggle with being active on the weekends – maybe you could grab a friend and make plans to go for a hike, a walk in the park with your dog (or cat – I’m not judging you), or a bike ride.

Doing the lunch time workout on campus yesterday made me realize that it’s not ALWAYS about working out so hard you look like you just came from the pool – but living a healthy lifestyle is just about making the choice to be MORE active. So instead of meeting up with your friend for a high calorie coffee or beer this weekend, why don’t you put on your sunglasses and take a walk? I’m sure your dog (or  cat) would appreciate it, too.





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3 responses to “The Freakin’ Weekend – gonna have me a…walk?

  1. YAY for active weekends! My fiance and I really wanted to get into the habit of doing that but then the weather got so cold again! Grah. SNOW? why?? haha I hope you have a lot of fun… I want to hear all about it on Monday!!

    And hey… I have taken my cats on walks before! They just really hate the whole leash and collar thing!! haha

  2. I’ve been wanting to try one of those moonlit paddle excursions. Did you think it was worth the $$? You can also rent kayaks directly from Geoff in PESH and it’s pretty cheap. I’ve done it once.

    • hey there. I enjoyed the tour – it was only 25$ and since I’m not an expert paddler, it was nice to be with a group who had all the gear and gave us some instructions. Now that i’ve done it once, i could probably just rent the stuff and go vs. going with a big group!

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