I’ve Changed By Not Changing at all….

*Points for the first person to name the band my blog title today salutes. 

Today is Friday, otherwise known as Weigh In Day. In other languages this would interpret to things like “Soul Crusher” “Iron Fist” and things of that nature. It’s a love hate relationship with my scale on Friday mornings. In light of my post earlier this week about having a back up plan when the scale doesn’t give you good news – I’m practicing my own advice today.

I think this is a fantastic idea - decorate your scale!

After a week of work outs and eating on plan, I just stayed the exact same this week. So it’s good news because I didn’t gain weight – but frustrating because I felt like I did everything right this week. I pulled out the old measuring tape and decided to log my measurements today so I can use this as a form of success in the future.

Then I went to find a pair of jeans to wear and decided to pull out a pair I bought several years ago on a visit back to Kentucky. They would be an example of “test jeans” that I put on to evaluate my progress with weight loss. Well, they fit – buttoned, zipped up – the whole 9 yards. That means I’m counting this week as a success. I’ve had a full week of making good decisions, working out hard – i even hit 3300 calories burned TWICE this week for my daily total.

I sometimes wish (okay all the time) that my scale  was MORE like the the sorting hat from Hogwarts. That it would somehow look deep inside my soul and give me some honest feedback instead of just a number. I think this week that process would have reflected a weight loss based on my genuine efforts.

Sometimes not changing – just staying the same, is necessary I suppose, even if I don’t really like it. But when our typical form of measurement doesn’t show us what we want, we look more deeply at ourselves, our decisions, and other ways to find success for ourselves. This is across the board – not just for people trying to lose weight. It serves as a learning process, and despite the fact I’ve struggled with weight my whole life, I always learn something about myself when I get serious about losing it.

I’ve learned along this process that we don’t always get the number we want. Losing weight isn’t an overnight process and you have to KEEP working at it to see long term results. Having a short term focus isn’t enough when you are trying to be healthier. You have to commit to the big picture and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing every single day so you can try and stay on track.

I have also learned that I am a lot stronger of a person than I imagined, and resilient. I think these are important qualities to have and I’m proud to have discovered them in myself. And even though this process I’m going through is taking me a lot longer than what I’d like – experiencing the journey will make the destination that much sweeter.



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  2. Wonderful perspective, thanks for sharing!

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