Kinda Fruity

I can probably count on one hand the amount of time I have eaten an entire piece of fruit in its natural state. I cannot get past the texture of about 99.99% of fruit.

Oh but I love the smell of citrus, my favorite body splash fragrance from Bath & Body Works is Mango Mandarin – and I have everything from the hand lotion to the body wash to the room spray. I love it. It makes me want to go visit a orange grove to just bask in the sun and smell the lovely smell of citrus all afternoon. But then…what will I do when I get hungry? I certainly wouldn’t EAT an orange. Let’s be serious. I also love tiny bits of pineapple if I’m in the right mood. But a big chunk of pineapple might throw me off, the texture then is too much to take. It must be small bites or as I start to chew that big hunk of pineapple I start to feel sick to my stomach and think I can’t bear it for any longer, but alas, I am in a room of people who are so excited about the fruit tray – I have to finish this one giant (why did they all have to be so big?) bite of pineapple! *sigh*

I like blueberries and cranberries – in things. I’ve tried the whole “fruit on the bottom” blueberry yogurt thing – thinking it would mask the terrible texture of those tiny little berries and just give me the flavor. I think I’m the only person on earth who LOOKS for the artificially flavored yogurt so I don’t get any sort of surprise chunk of fruit in my yogurt or ice cream. I also like strawberry flavored things – like those skinny cow strawberry cheesecake ice cream sandwiches. Totally do-able.

I am so bad at fruit that I only like certain flavors of fruity jelly beans or life savers. Cherry? UGH. All I can think about when I drum up memories of cherry is cough medicine. Why would anyone want something to taste like cherry? If given a box of chocolate covered cherries, or even strawberry’s glazed with chocolate – I would pass them on to someone else without a second thought. I saw a commercial for those edible art arrangements the other night. What a nightmare for me – someone dropping off an entire arrangement of fresh fruit for me to eat. I would think someone was doing it to be mean to me. Particularly if those fruit pieces are on wooden skewers (that is another post entirely on my thoughts about eating off wooden things).

So I’ve probably made my point, I have not found joy in fruit. If i were stranded on a tropical island, I would be the first to die because I wouldn’t eat the fruit (okay, I’m sure if i were starving I would eat something, but it wouldn’t be my first choice). So when I met with a nutritionist and explained to her my “fruit issues” she gave me this look like – “So you don’t eat any fruit, ever?”

“Well, not really,” I reply. I do SOMETIMES but half of a banana in a smoothie because if it’s blended up with a bunch of other stuff i can’t tell. But God forbid there be a chunk of REAL banana in it’s natural state in there. So when she put together my meal plan, she had to rearrange the protein/carb/fat amounts to take into consideration that it was highly unlikely i could meet the standard daily fruit requirement. But she told me – you HAVE to have some fruit in your diet and she said I could drink 100% fruit juice with no sugar added and it would count.

So it’s been a few months now, and I’ve finally found a few fruit juices I’ll drink. Of course, they are mostly orange based with an occasional “on no you didn’t” berry blast. I can deal with those. But every time I try a new fruit juice flavor, I make sure to get an individual serving first since if it’s not do-able, I’m not wasting. I have given away quite a few juice beverages over the last few months.

But as I’m sitting here having a rather late breakfast on my first day off for Spring Break – I’m drinking my juice like it’s sort of a normal thing for me to do. From a distance, maybe i’m not so fruity after all.



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3 responses to “Kinda Fruity

  1. This is what it is like to be married to a weirdo. No Fish, No Fruit, No Wooden Utensils. Sometimes i like eating alone!

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