The Back Up Plan

What’s your Back Up Plan? You know, for when plan a doesn’t go as you wanted, or plan b wasn’t as good of an idea as you thought it would be?  We spend a lot of time making goals and saying to ourselves, no need for a back up plan because I GOT this! Right? But how many times have my plans failed? Um, a lot.

Just keepin' it real, folks.

That is life, right? But the difference between a good plan and a strategic plan is when you have more than one option so you can just keep going. I find that many of my friends (me included) put a lot of stock into just ONE form of measurement when it comes to our goals. That’s right – the dreaded scale. When that number doesn’t reflect the hard work we’ve put in, it feels as if we have failed. Why bother to keep trying? Nothing ever works. Slow down there, partner – that’s why we need a back up plan.

Because talking like that to yourself after an inevitable week in the future where you step on the scale and it doesn’t read -1 or or minus -1.5 is going to get you nowhere with your goals. So here are a few ideas to add to your back up plan, so next time if that happens you have a few tricks in your back pocket to keep you on task.

1) First off, stop weighing yourself every day – or every minute as some of you are doing (You know who you are). This only leads to frustration because guess what? Weight fluctuates, and if you keep weighing yourself everyday expecting continued loss you are going to be upset with yourself when you gain a few pounds. Pick one day, one time and make that your weigh in time. Period. For better or for worse.

2) Get a measuring tape and measure yourself in at least these spots: Your natural waist, your bust line/chest, your hips, your upper thigh, your bicep and your calf. Some might just want to measure in a few of these spots – so you pick. But write down your measurements and re-measure every week. Keep recording even if the numbers are the same sometimes. Next time you get on the scale and you don’t see that number that you want, measure yourself and see if you have lost some inches. Sometimes as you work out and eat well, you start building muscle so perhaps you’ll gain some weight along the way, but muscle takes up less room than fat so your body will be more compact!

3) Have a “test” clothing item. You know, the pants that you would love to wear. Try them on like once a month to mark your progress. Are they easier to zip up? Could you breath in them if you did indeed get them to button? How’s the muffin top? You get the idea. As you make progress, your clothes will start to fit differently. Trying on the same item gives you a good mile marker vs. a number on the scale. How awesome will it feel when you put on those pants and they fit perfectly?

I am not an expert in weight loss. I’m just a person trying to do it myself. Some of my tips may be great for you, some of you might not like them. But these tips have been personally helpful to me in my weight loss journey and I think they are worth sharing!



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