A different kind of spring break

So it’s finally spring break here on campus. It’s fun because I live in a world where I still refer to time in “semesters” and there is still such a thing as Spring Break. I can say things like “it’s mid-term time!” and people in higher education jobs all over the country know exactly what I mean. My husband on the other hand sometimes gives me weird looks in January when I talk about it being Spring semester already. But sometimes it’s nice to live in a world where almost everyone is in their early 20’s and has their whole life ahead of them. I see all the latest trends walking outside my window, and I can decide what I might try to attempt or what may just be too “young for me.” It’s been a long time since i’ve worked anywhere except a university, and I think i would miss this environment if i ever left. A lot of folks i know who work in higher education say they like it because it keeps them young.

I never really thought about it keeping me young – probably because I WAS young when I started this career – really just a few years older than our average student. But now I’m in my 30’s…and yes, still young in general, but starting to feel some of the differences between being in college, being a recent grad, being a young professional, and being at a more sturdy place in my career. So things like…Spring Break used to mean something different to me than it does  to me now.

As all my students were gearing up for a week away from classes and plotting some trip to the beach, or a trip with friends, I was eagerly awaiting a few days of no appointments, no meetings, and a decrease in email messages with requests for resume guidance, interviewing help and info on internships. I woke up feeling pretty good about this week – looking forward to having some down time to get projects done (or started). It’s funny how getting older changes your perspective on what a “break” is. Not that i don’t love meeting with students – they energy they bring to campus is amazing and it definitely keeps me going. But everyone needs a change of pace, and this is one of my favorite weeks on campus because it comes right about the time you feel like you can’t keep up with everything anymore.

It’s a week of getting things  accomplished, catching up, breathing, etc. My plan for the week is to of course, get some work done in terms of projects in the office so I can finish out the semester on schedule. But this week is a chance to get some lunch time work outs in and have the time to eat all my meals and snacks as planned. I lost 1.4 pounds last week and while I didn’t have a PERFECT weekend – I made some better choices that I have been making so I’m feeling good about that.  My goal is to loser another pound this week.

My friend has a goal of losing 15 pounds by mid June, and I told her that I would join her on that goal since I have an overall goal of 30 pounds to lose. That would be about a pound a week which is completely healthy and realistic. I’m definitely ready to start seeing progress again. My vacation in Mexico completely derailed me from my goals and it’s seriously taken until this last week to get my head back on straight. But the things that have helped most is journaling again about my food and I’ve started wearing my BodyBugg again. It’s a good constant reminder that I’m working toward a goal. And one thing that is really great is at the end of your week, the program tells you how many calories you really ate based on your measurement changes and then it compares it what you THOUGHT you ate from your food journal. This week – i was only off by about 30 calories, so that makes me feel like I’m doing a good job of being accountable for the food I’m eating.

Alright – well, I won’t be making much headway on those work projects if i don’t keep on track. So I’m off to do some work, and I’ll be doing some TurboKick during my lunch hour. Wish me luck! I have another pound to lose this week and every decision counts!



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