First things first

Well, it’s a Monday morning after a really busy weekend. Busy, but productive. The sun was up even when my original alarm time came around (we all know that you set your alarm clock for at least 15 minutes prior to when you actually plan to get up). So it was nice to wake up to some sunshine this morning – even if I’m not a morning person.

I’m looking forward to another week on target with my goals. Working out, eating healthy – staying on track. If you get enough of these weeks in a row, that’s what you can call progress, right? There are a lot of things that can de-rail you from your goals. But I wanted to just leave a quick note about something that helps me stay on track: Breakfast.

Some may think this is crazy, but I’ve been eating the same breakfast for probably the better part of the last 2 years. The thing is – I always enjoy it so its a great way to start my day. I bring my breakfast to work and make it here every morning and it’s like something to look forward to first thing when I arrive at work. It’s warm, tasty, and healthy – but it doesn’t make me feel like I’m missing out on that seemingly delicious fast food breakfast. I have definitely gone through phases where I stop and get fast food breakfast more often than not. I like to refer to those phases as the “dark times” when I wasn’t thinking clearly. Every time i would give in to temptation and drive through somewhere for a quick breakfast – it would set me on this terrible track for the rest of the day. I found myself wanting a cookie in the middle of the day, something sweet, snacks, etc just because I had started my day off on the wrong foot.

I encourage you to find a breakfast that you love (and that will love you back by not adding pounds to your thighs) so that you can start out every day with a positive, successful decision. Even though it may not be the magic cure for all your decisions, I find that if I can start off my day with a good decision it makes it easier to continue that trend the rest of the day.

Here’s what I eat for breakfast:

1 whole wheat english muffin
1 slice of 2% cheese (i switch it up but typically go with cheddar)
2 turkey sausage patties (I switch up the brands based on what is on sale..but Jimmy Dean has a good turkey patty!)

I toast my english muffin and then heat up the sausage patties. Split the cheese slice into 4 squares so i can spread it out equally on each half of my muffin. Then I put a turkey patties on each of my halves of the muffin and microwave it again for about 16 seconds. The result? A delicious breakfast sandwich is enough calories to charge your system, a good mix of protein, dairy, fat and starch, but not a ridiculous amount of calories. By eating each halve of the english muffin separately it lasts longer than eating it like a regular sandwich.

You’re welcome. 🙂


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