My Life as a Fortune Teller

Apparently, I can predict the future.

Really, it’s true. Today I had a little private proof of that in my work life. It was very clear to me that if someone had found my opinion more valuable about 4-5 years ago, circumstance would be different for them now. Nothing I can do now except realize that I have been given the magical powers of knowing the future. Pretty rad, right?

In a lot of ways, we CAN predict our futures. Or at least pieces of them, right? What we do today impacts what will come next. Not exercising today may make it easier to not exercise tomorrow – all of a sudden several weeks have passed and you haven’t hit the gym. It happens all the time. One bad decision for a meal can make it seem easier to order something bad at the next one. After all, why bother when you’ve already ruined your plan for the day.

These are thoughts I’ve certainly thought before – and struggles that I still deal with. But understanding that all of our decisions can have a direct impact on our future is something pretty powerful. I use this same concept when I teach my class about interviewing skills. We talk about Behavioral Interview Questions where the basic idea is how you have acted/performed in the past will predict how you might perform in the future. This is why giving specific examples of the good things you’ve done/accomplished in your last/current position is a good idea during an interview.

This same concept can be applied to setting up healthy behaviors for ourselves. The hard part is just BREAKING free of how we used to be so we can be in a place where our past behavior is GOOD behavior. Remembering a time in your life where you were making the right decision can help. Didn’t it feel good to be making healthy decisions? Didn’t it feel good to practice self-control and will power? I try to remind myself of that part of my life whenever I’m feeling discouraged.

I’ve gained weight the past two weeks and I’m not pleased about it. But when I look at the stone cold facts – I absolutely know why I’ve gained weight. I have been off my usual routine, eating things I don’t normally eat, and despite the fact that I did continue to work out – eating the right things plays a MAJOR (MAJOR!) role in weight loss and healthy living. We are, in fact, what we eat.

Please, no.

Right now if that were literally true – I would probably look like a macadamia nut cookie because I think I consumed about 12 of them this week. Uh, not hard to figure out why the scale is going in the wrong direction is it? #1 – Glad that I don’t actually look like a nutty cookie. #2 Perhaps I should have given up Cookies for Lent instead of Fried Foods.

Anyway – I’m spending some quality time with myself this weekend to get re-focused on my goals. I’ll never lose this weight if I don’t remain focused on my end goal. Instead of moving forward with my weight loss, I’ve let temptations and “life is too busy” interrupt my progress. Not any more! I am back.

And for my last trick, I’ll predict my future for this time next week. The scale will be LESS than what it was this morning!




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