A little me time

It seems like I can’t remember the last time that I slept in late on a Saturday and watched endless amounts of tv. I look around and the floor needs to be swept, there is laundry waiting to be folded. I could be working on filling out my tax forms. I could be going for a walk.

There are about a million other things that i could be doing…but right now, I’m not worried about it. This is me time. I have it so rarely, and if that means I get to watch my beloved Vampire Diaries, followed by the thrilling Fringe, and then lighten the mood with a little American Idol – I can down with that. No regrets.

Life is so busy – don’t forget to take time for yourself. I sometimes feel like I lack the energy to keep going and going and going – and after just spending some time alone today with my puppies and the tv, it is weirdly healing even if it’s not my most productive day.

But I spend my week being super busy, and I’d say MOSTLY productive – so a little down time is a nice change of pace.

I’d highly  recommend it, and I’d tell you a bit more, but my DVR awaits. 🙂

Happy weekend, folks!


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