While I Was Gone…

Wow – I keep trying to find a moment in my day to write a blog. I never thought it would be so hard to find a little blip of time every day to update here but the past few weeks have been ridiculous.

Life has truly been a whirlwind since I got back from Mexico. Work has been pushing me to the brink of totally losing it and then to some really awesome highs where I feel like students are amazing and grateful and it reminds me why I do what i do.

In other news – the hubby and I decided on a whim that we would start to re-do our kitchen. Since we cook at home a lot (I think this is essential to anyone trying to be healthier), we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And it seems like we are always in each others way. I can think of numerous times I have tripped over either my husband or one of my dogs in the kitchen.

About a week ago, my hubby went to grab a spoon from this weird drawer thing we had in the kitchen (it was there when we bought the house so we just kept it since we literally had no other drawers in the kitchen) and the front of the top drawer ripped off in his hand.


Awesome, I know.


So now we are thinking – what choice do we have? We are hating on our kitchen, we have no storage, everything is a mess…should we just go for it?

Fortunately for us, there is an IKEA in our town (What would we do without IKEA?). So we decided we would drive and meet there after work on Friday of last week. Good thing, because we needed BOTH our cars to bring back all the boxes we ended up with.

Of COURSE we ended up buying half a kitchen it felt like. We decided to totally redo one side of our kitchen so we could put in more storage, get some additional counter space and get us on the right track for when we can afford to finish it out. It was all pretty exciting and scary. The hubs kept asking me to make the decisions but I just felt paralyzed….like, that is too big of a deal, I can’t choose. I mean, you would think I don’t actually have the ability to have an opinion sometimes when it comes to those things.

But anyway, I have some pics of our progress so far!

Before: Make Shift Pantry - Cleaned Out!









Before: Rack to hold pots/pans









Space is cleared & ready for something cooler!









Corner Cabinet with Lazy Susan









Corner Cabinet, 4 drawer cab & tall pantry









Butcher Top Counter and some doors!









Pretty amazing progress if I may say so myself. Fortunately, my husband is a handy kinda guy, so he magically knows how to put things together, drill holes, cut counter tops and all these other things that mystify me. I am not a builder or a very good instruction interpreter. 🙂

We have more doors on now, and are making some final changes to get everything right…and still need to put hardware on so we can open things more easily but it’s moving in the right direction.

So now you have proof of what I was doing all weekend long instead of writing to you!

I promise a more fun or inspiring update soon!


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