The Last Resort (with pics!)

Stairway to Vacation

Well, vacation has somehow already passed and while I’m glad to be home in some ways I will miss living a life of luxury and having a no guilt attitude for a few days. We went to Secrets Silversands Resort in Cancun, Mexico. It is an all-inclusive and adults only, so there was no sharing the hot tub with middle schoolers or anything like that which I was happy about.

We wanted to do one last horrah trip because we figure life will only get more busy, more complicated and all that jazz…so we just wanted to have a good time and enjoy ourselves for a week away from all those responsibilities. It was much needed, and I think coming back – we are more excited about what’s next for us!

We had really nice weather for most of the week and while we didn’t do a whole lot other than drink fruity drinks and eat delicious food….we did take a FEW pictures. I’ll admit that I felt guilty about not even bringing our camera to our  vacation so the last few days I went around a took a few pics of the resort for your viewing pleasure.

Main building - modern hang out area

Lobby Bar



One thing that we loved about the resort was how modern it was. Everything
was really posh and we were impressed with the feel of the place.





Our room


The room was a junior suite swim out – so we had a pool right outside our back porch area.






View from our room - pool and ocean


I was really surprised at the view – we didn’t choose the most expensive room option, so I wasn’t expecting something amazing…but my jaw dropped when we opened the back door and saw this view! Amazing backdrop for afternoon naps, conversation over champagne and putting your feet in the water.





Birthday champagne and dessert


It was my hubby’s 32nd birthday while we were there, and the resort brought us a bottle of champagne and delicious brownie/cake thing to help us celebrate. He also got a sign on our door (even if it was a day late).

The birthday boy!





We also enjoyed all the bar options while we were there, although if you just sat somewhere for long enough, one of the wait staff would come over and encourage you to order a drink. I had a few favorites during the week including things called SuperMan, Miami Vice, Mudslide and even a shot called Sh*t in the grass (really.).

Midori Sour with fruit garnish












And of course the resort itself was very well taken care of, and the pools (there was pool in front of every a main pool) were a little nippy this time of year, but after a few minutes in the hot soon, it felt refreshing.

Pool in front of our room


Right outside our door we had a pool, a grill type restaurant and a bar. Dangerous!






A few more pics:

Hot tub - this was a popular hang out spot

Another outdoor bar with steps down to the ocean

The main pool

Our last day we came back to the room to find towel swans 🙂

A little sunburned, but happy!

All in all, it was a successful trip. Now it’s almost time to go back to work which will be a big smack in the face considering I somehow went to a tropical place and caught a cold. So I’m sort of hating life right now with a sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, sneezing and all those other things mentioned on the Nyquil label. Thinking sunny thoughts because after a week off from work, I don’t think I can take a sick day!


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