A few things before I go…

Well, we are mostly packed. I am so ready for vacation especially with the nasty bit of weather we’ve had here lately. It rained most of today despite my attempt to get summer-ized. But now it’s 6:16pm and my toes are painted, my bags are packed and I’m enjoying a glass of wine in preparation for our travels tomorrow.

Obviously i won’t be around for the next week to entertain you with my posts. But in the meantime, I wish you a week full of good decisions, awesome workouts, and lots of sunshine wherever you are.

My goal for this week is to enjoy myself, enjoying spending time with my husband so we can celebrate a little over a year of marriage and his 32nd birthday. I brought workout clothes and shoes and plan to do something active every day while i’m there! I plan to eat some fun food, drink some girly drinks and meet some cool peoples.

A special thanks to our neighbors and family for helping out with the pups and watching our house while we are away. I would promise to have beautiful pictures for you upon my return, but let’s face it – i don’t even know where the camera is and i wont have my phone on me unless I can turn all the text/call/data stuff off so i can just use it as a camera.

Catch you upon my return……be happy!


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