Finding your voice and letting it speak

For the last week or so – I’ve been a roller coaster of emotions. I’m sure you noticed from my high/low posts. I couldn’t figure out what was going on – hormones? Stress?

Last night as I was replaying a stressful work event to my husband, and he tells me I’ve been really overly emotional all week and sensitive about things. I had to agree. I mean, insert any radio song with a slow beat and I’m halfway in tears.

As I was getting ready for bed last night – it struck me. I knew why I was feeling all emotional. I regularly go to the chiropractor and the last time I went he did this adjustment that I really hate. Since I didn’t go to school to be a chiropractor, I’m at a loss for all the terminology and I promise to be a better patient next time and listen more…..but….

Basically, there is a correlation between this spot on your head (right near your temple is the best place I can describe it) and your coccyx (commonly referred to as tailbone). From what I can gather – central nervous system starts and ends in these two places…and apparently, my coccyx keeps showing up as needing an adjustment. So whenever I hear this news from my Doc – I’m not happy because I know that means he’s going to do an adjustment near my temple as well…and I have to be honest, it’s not pleasant.

The last few times when he did this adjustment, he gave me a warning that sometimes this adjustment makes people feel more emotional. He said it could good and bad at the same time, but often it was emotions that needed to be dealt with. I hadn’t really noticed feeling overly emotional (apparently, my body and mind is stubborn). But after my week of being so emotional about things this time around, I realized that this adjustment played a role in how I’ve been feeling this past week.

It’s crazy how your body is so interconnected, and how even our emotions and how we feel can create physical issues in our body. Stressful days lead to headaches or a backache. Anxiety can bring on feelings of nausea. And apparently, having your tailbone adjuststed makes you more emotional.

I prefer to have a rational reason for feeling emotional other than just “having a moment.” So when I went to the chiropractor today, I told him that I was angry with him for bringing out all those emotions this week when I wasn’t really in a place to deal with them. He said to me that apparently my body DID want me to deal with those emotions, or it wouldn’t keep showing up as needing adjustments.

I find all this very fascinating and infuriating at the same time. Sort of this combo of body and mind and how everything impacts the next thing whether we want it to or not.

And it made me angry at first that I was feeling all these emotions, but now I’m so glad that I had this blog so I could finally write them out and express myself – because just doing that had a positive impact and I’m feeling so much better about the situation and feel like I have ideas to make things better and improve my circumstances.

So many times we have emotions or feelings about things and we push them away because they feel too big for us, or they make us feel overwhelmed and under-qualified for the job of “fixing things.” But maybe when we do have those feelings, just allowing ourselves to feel it, and express it can be a major step toward finding resolution. If we aren’t willing to be open to something changing, how will we ever know if it can change, or how it would feel if it did change?

I don’t like being overly weepy or dramatic, but this last week forced me to get in touch with how I was feeling. It made me stop and focus on myself in a different light and I really did need to do that and feel much better now that I have. Sometimes we get SO busy, we forget to listen to what our body and minds need.

Sometimes the nourishment doesn’t come from food or drink, but just from being quiet and letting yourself be in the moment and accepting that you sometimes have feelings and emotions that aren’t pleasant but still need to be voiced in order to move on.

Thank you for letting me voice those things here, and I promise to not make my reader’s a punching bag TOO often so I don’t scare you away. 🙂

To happiness and health!!


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  1. I definitely use writing as an outlet for how I’m feeling. I’m a much better person when I can get those emotions out. My favorite bloggers do the same. Enjoy Mexico!!!!

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