And these are a few of my favorite things….

I am so looking forward to a few things (I know you are now singing gumdrops and roses and shiny patent kittens song – I admit I can’t remember the words. I’ve also never watched the movie. Insert your shocked face here).


Here’s a peak at my list:

1) Leaving for a much needed vacation this next week. Mexico – I’m ready!

2) This week to be over so I can just think about my vacation.

3) This day to be over so I can be one day closer to leaving for my vacation.

4) Is it Friday at 5pm yet?


You could say I have the pre-vacation blues. Everything pales in comparison to the idea of not being at work, not having to make decisions (other than “on the rocks or frozen”), and not having to deal with things that I just don’t want to deal with right now.

I am a LITTLE nervous about vacation and my daily goals of trying to eat healthy. We planned this vacation way back in October as a late anniversary get away and I had hopeful thoughts that I’d already be back to a “normal” weight by now. I was wrong. But – goals aren’t achieved overnight – it’s day-by-day perseverance. I hadn’t even dreamed up my new eating plan then – so obviously a week of all inclusive style living isn’t really “on plan.”

But I’m bringing my work out clothes and it will be my goal to work out while I’m there to help combat the extra calories I’ll be consuming. Another goal is to still abide by my rule of not eating when I’m not hungry, stopping before I’m stuffed, etc. So hopefully these things well help out. In the end, it’s so rare that I take a for real vacation where I’m going somewhere beautiful and fun and I’m not going to spend my days writing down calories and exchanges. I’m just going to enjoy my time off, and recharge my batteries so to speak.

I’m in definite need of a recharge. I’ve been feeling highly emotional lately, and I think I’m just feeling stressed out, burnt out and all of those other nasty words that impact productivity. I have to be proud of myself though – because instead of eating a bunch of stuff I’m not supposed to eat in reaction to this feeling – I’ve just continued to follow along with my plan and not eat “on the go.” So that is a major PLUS for me right now.

Breaking old habits is so hard, and it would be so typical for me to feel sorry for myself and splurge on a milkshake or something delicious like that. So brownie points for me! (they should really change that saying – it makes me hungry).

Okay, lunch break is almost over and I really need to get back to my pining away for my vacation to begin.


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  1. Yay! This post got like 4 songs stuck in my head. Rebecca Black is winning though. It’s almost Friday! Have fun in Mexico!

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