A brand new look

Well, I did get my hair cut and I guess we’ll see how much I love it when I try and style it the first few times. But the title of my blog post today isn’t about my hair – it’s about my new and awesome header! Check it out! My husband is an awesome graphic designer/marketer and he made me a custom header to represent what I’m trying to do here on this blog.

So far, blogging has been pretty fun – but I wish I had a dedicated amount of time to spend here every day. I feel like it’s easy some days, and impossible other times to get here to post. Also – i don’t like to post something unless i have something interesting or clever to show you!      I went shopping today. After a few weeks of my new eating plan – I realized that my standard lunch bag was not cutting it. I blogged about the Fit and Fresh products a few weeks ago (which btw – are awesome for carrying around snacks easily!) and when i was at HomeGoods today, they had Fit and Fresh lunch bags with a few t0-go containers inside. My lovely photo taking abilities allows you to see it below here. I am always excited to find new products that help me achieve my goal. Bringing my lunch every day to work (as well as my breakfast and snacks) gives me 100% control over what I’m eating every day. It’s a lot easier to make the right decision about what you are eating when you have it right there with you already.

Fit & Fresh Lunch Bag

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