The Difference Between You & Me

I am lucky to work in a office where I get along with everyone, and we can all be very open and honest with each other. We probably share too much information in my office – but it works for us, and it’s part of what makes me enjoy working where I do. In the end, you spend so much time with the people you work with…..probably more so than you spend with your significant other if you work full time.

Kind of weird, huh?

Anyway, many of us in the office are trying to start off the new year in a good way – eating healthier, going out to eat less often and the like. It’s great for me because it means less temptation in my every day life. The past few days, we’ve gathered round with our lunches we brought from home and it’s been fascinating to listen to what everyone’s game plan is for being healthier. Some of us are working out more, some of us are counting calories, I’m eating more so I can keep my metabolism up and everyone is so different.

Today’s conversation turned into this discussion of “what works for you may not work for me” and it made me realize that I have spent a lot of time reading about what other people do, following instructions from calorie counting websites and a million other resources – but in the end – what works for you may not work for me. When I tell people what I’m doing to lose weight I get weird stares. “I’m eating 2900 calories a day.” Does that sound like a weight loss plan to you? It sure doesn’t to most people. But for me, that’s exactly what my body needs based on what I burn everyday at rest and my lifestyle and work out regime. For other people, your metabolism may be faster or slower, you may work out more intensely than I do – you may not be working out at all.

The best thing you can do to get on the right track to being healthy is to do your research. Not just in a book or on the internet – but do research about yourself. Talk to your doctor, go get your metabolism tested, have your body fat tested and see where you are. I’m pretty mad at myself for just using a calorie counting website to tell me how many calories to eat for a year – because in the end, it really put a huge road block in my weight loss because I wasn’t eating enough to support my activity level. Instead of losing weight – I gained weight. So frustrating!

So I’m thinking – be inspired by what other people are doing, what you are reading, what you see on TV or whatever – but make sure you are talking to professionals so that whatever program you start, it’s the one that’s right for you. Don’t waste your time guessing, just do it right the first time. It’s helped me stick to my game plan, because I’m not guessing anymore – I know this is what I need to be doing.

Something about doctor prescribed makes it a much easier “pill to swallow.” I have a co-worker who has dropped a huge amount of weight in just a few weeks and I’m slow and steady. I have another co-worker who maintains her weight within about 10-15 pounds of where she was in college even though it’s 20+ years later. I can’t compare myself or my results to my co-workers….I’m inspired by them, proud of them, sometimes jealous of them 🙂 But in the end – we are all on our own path. It’s up to you to confirm that your map is leading you to the right destination!!



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