Rewards outside the scale & Finding your inner super hero

Today is Friday (gotta get down on Friday). Okay, I’m already apologizing and I’m only in my second sentence for that ridiculous call out to the infamous Friday song by the beloved Rebecca Black. But for those of you now singing the song – sorry, you can click the link above to sing along with her since you already are messing up the words due to their complexity.

Now on to my real post.

Let's think "outside of the scale"

I weigh in on Fridays. I’ve changed it around a few times over the years, but eventually I always come back to Friday weigh ins. There’s something about weighing in at the end of the work week that usually challenges me to be on my best behavior at work. Yet – in the past, when I had a successful weigh in on Fridays, I realize now that I would use that as an excuse to eat (or drink) something I shouldn’t on the weekend. Sort of like a built in validation for me to make a bad decision.

I have thought since I started my new “plan” I would switch my weigh in day…but since my 1 allowed cheat meal will most likely be on the weekends, I think Friday is still a good day since my nutritionist told me I shouldn’t get on the scale after a cheat meal because it’s often a misrepresentation of your actual weight due to more sodium and all those goodies. So I just need to be ultra aware that seeing weight loss on the scale does not mean I should go to the Chinese buffet for dinner as a reward. I think this is probably pretty common among people trying to lose weight – you want the reward to be food. I’m really trying to change that mind set this year and focus on other types of rewards from this new lifestyle.

So today I’m going to talk about the OTHER rewards of eating healthy, exercising regularly and sticking to your “plan.”

This week (or really since Tuesday before last), I’ve already grown in some ways. Here’s a list of things I’ve accomplished recently:

  • I work at a place that is totally over the top about having food and “goodies” at every occasion. We had a co-worker’s last day this week so there was a party and of course, tons of food. Normally, I would have immediately tried a little bit of everything. And then I would come back to the office and would eat my planned meals for the day. But THIS week, I brought my bottle of SodaStream water with me (I heart my SodaStream machine) and didn’t eat a single thing despite more than one person coming by with a plate of something delicious and asking if we wanted any.  I count that as a major accomplishment, this is DIFFERENT behavior than normal for me.
  • I have made an effort to search and find some type of fruit that I can tolerate in my every day life. I have always disliked fruit (with the exception of pineapple that is cut into small bits or grilled, blueberries (let’s be honest – mostly in a muffin), and maybe apple pie…which probably doesn’t count, anyway) – so when my program required that I have 4 servings of fruit a day, I’m thinking “how will that happen?” But after talking to my TNT gal and doing some taste testing, I was able to find a few of the 100% fruit juices and juice smoothies from Naked, Odwalla and Bolthouse Farms that can fulfill that nutritional requirement. I can’t believe that after 30 years of living, I’m finally having fruit in my daily diet. This is truly a miracle 🙂
  • I once again demonstrated super human will power at a work event. Imagine trays full of fried chicken tenders (hello – my fav fried food), mini crab cakes, egg rolls, meatballs and spinach dip with pitas….but I utilized my superhero will power that I am just now discovering I have and didn’t have a single bit. I did this by not going to this event hungry – I ate my dinner in my office (which meant I had every single meal in my office yesterday) so that I could stand up to those delicious and oh-so-bad-for-you items that I knew would be taunting me from their little silver platters. Man – it was hard. I literally got a bit of a headache from using all my superpowers in such a focused way 🙂
  • This morning, when i weighed in, I didn’t have a major weight loss despite my great efforts of eating well and working out this week as instructed. Instead of throwing in the towel – aka going through the drive through for the cajun filet biscuit from Bojangles (don’t try it if you haven’t yet – you’ll regret it) – I just marked down my weight and connected with my TNT gal to talk about what’s going on. She confirmed for me what some of my other friends had already told me…you know those things that you KNOW, but you just don’t want to believe. Like, really – I’m not going to lose 30 pounds in one week? But it’s good to be reminded that hard work for one week is not going to replace a years worth of wrong doings. I didn’t gain weight overnight, I’m not going to lose it overnight. It will take a few weeks for my body to accept these changes and believe that I’m going to feed it the right amount of calories. I accept that and will continue this journey without feeling defeated.

I would say that a lack of self control and will power is one of my greatest weaknesses when it comes to food. I think these past 2 weeks have helped me flex that muscle a bit more and I believe that I can be strong and stick to my plan even in the midst of so much temptation. It’s funny how you think you have no will power, but once you demonstrate it a few times – it actually makes it a bit easier. Just like building muscle in your body – it’s really hard the first time and it makes you a little sore, but eventually you are able to lift more weights and do it for longer. I encourage you to challenge your will power muscle this week – pick one thing that usually tempts you and be strong!

The next time will feel so much easier! What rewards outside of weight loss on the scale have you experienced?



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2 responses to “Rewards outside the scale & Finding your inner super hero

  1. Holy crap! Wow! You did amazing this week! Look at all that temptation you managed to avoid! Way to go!!

  2. Yup! I have that song in my head now. Great job refusing the temptation! I love that cartoon. Hate the scale. When I’m eating healthy and working out, I always feel more energized regardless of what’s on the scale. So my reward is more energy! I just FEEL better.

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