Cool product alert for on the go snacks!


Okay, I found this today at GNC while picking up some multivitamins, and I am oh so excited. It comes apart so you can store up to 2 cups of veggies, granola, whatever and then a 1/2cup holder for a dip/spread PLUS a removable ice pack. Pretty cool for us who need to prep snacks on the go! $9.99…check it out at Lots
of cool ideas!



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3 responses to “Cool product alert for on the go snacks!

  1. D.A.

    yup definitely a cool product! thanks for sharing! I added it to my ‘stuff i want’ pinterest board 🙂

  2. Johanna

    That brand is awesome! I haven’t tried the cup things but they have these containers where you have a larger box that fits two smaller boxes and some with a ice pack thing (like a bento box). Anyways,I had two for my kids to bring to school everyday and I put those things in the dishwasher everyday and it held up for the whole year…I wanted to buy more but was so disappointed they didn’t sell them at Target anymore 😦

    Look forward in your posts!

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